Commissioner is failing

Well said,

This commissioner is failing on all counts … case in point the sale of the Al’s … The only reason is because the best group was Guzzo & Lapointe who both had a plan and the finances. So, its obvious he liked neither . The biggest mistake he will make is selling to the California group or Stark…The again maybe the Al’s or Argo’s will be the Schooners team…This is your CFL 2.0
BTW the kids at the Argo games are from giveaways…my company was offered tickets many times.

Your company employs child labour? The least you could do is give them free Argos tickets!

Well apatently Argos players are in the community on a regular basis.
At schools and youth groups all over the GTA.
So why not have whoever is in charge of community realtions coordinate with schools and youth groups with game tickets.
Great promotions.
Im a was a 5th grade teacher. Now im dean of students. And coach our middle school basketball & Track teams.
We have we began going to games. And now of dean of Students im reach out to or college basketball teams reach out to me.
Our basketball teams got to play at the Historic palestra in philly
Before a game.
We had a local college womens basketball team come to our school and give a clinic and lunch with the girls middle school team.
Those are just examples of many of these things.

Does this mean you go by Dean Steve too now?

Anyway getting to play at the Palestra is very cool.

;D ha ha ha I don’t think so and I doubt also that he or anyone here is a Scooby Doo villain who is going to complain about all those damn meddlin’ kids again - even after all that noise yesterday on Christmas Day. :smiley:

Lol. Naw. Im the cool Dean. Lol. I took a more positive approach as Dean.
Most situations appear to be a huge deal at first appearance. Usually ends up something not that serious.
So opposed to handing out suspensions we do things like this. Like the palestra. As a start. Also we have other programs in place at the school great music teacher who has choir. Great instramental music teacher.
So wen i was in the classroom i signed my kids up for ecerything. Lol.
Now i get them involved other activities. Keep them busy outa trouble. Lol

As was rumoured in Montreal about tickets being given away to games this past season.

EVERYONE says they have a plan … until they own a team and have to implement them is really no way to judge any one groups’s plan against another … and owners will have to convince the BoG that they have deep enough pockets … in my view the delays actually prove that the negotiations are business based (a good sign IMO) and not just a vanity toy for some rich dude.

I always find it so curious, you’d think people would come to this site because of a shared love of the game. Why is it so many post like they are trolls? Strange.

Wow, someone has actually thought about this before posting FUD. Your last line is particularly insightful and something I’ve thought of as well.

Dude, The BOG sold to Guzzo!

Ambrosie blew it up when Guzzo called him to demand he pulls his “sponge” Maciocia off him. Maciocia was doing his media rounds while trying to suck him dry with a 10 year 600k/y contract INDEXED AT 3 PERCENT PER YEAR.

When Maciocia was called out and he knew he could not lie about it because there was a witness there. He claimed he was allowed to Negotiate!

All Ambrosie had to do was apologize to Guzzo and call Maciocia and tell him to walk away and this team would have a committed owner today. Instead, the BOG will close out the year with their disbursement from the league lightened by at least a million bucks apiece, the Als heading into another season without an owner or a GM and Ambrosie trying to piece together a Frankenstein ownership group.

And you call that trolling?

If you are as in touch with the Als sale as you would like us to believe (in Halifax of all places) you should be able to tell us what is going on. Do you think Guzzo would have been a good owner, seriously vs Claridge having a part?

I made the mistake of believing the media tweets and now that there is no daily news while negotiations are going on, then it looks like reporters are just calling up anybody looking for a story. "Hmm, I guess I need to update this story, I think I’ll call up Cliff Starke and see what he has to say. Maybe I can get a quote out of Eric Lapointe today "

I wouldn’t be surprised if the BOG fired Ambrosie at their winter meetings if he hasn’t gotten the Als off their books. We will soon see.

Yes we will, the sale will get done when it gets done. Shame on me for believing supposedly “reliable news sources” because it’s becoming pretty evident they haven’t got a clue what is going on, for good or for bad. Same as the people here and I include myself in that. It will get done when it gets done.

hey OP, is Als ownership situation still a joke?

We don’t know and won’t know for a while if these very nice gentlemen understand what they got into.
Did the Als get versions of Bob Young or Sherwood Schwartz?

as far as the commish failing to find an owner, id say it is not a joke anymore. whether they are capable is another. the owners are here though :slight_smile:

they seem to to be committed, so hopefully more to the Young side

So far, so good for the new ALS owners. Time will tell

I don’t know if I’d see the Als’ ownership situation resolving itself as an endorsement of Ambrosie.

The avenues he was pursuing and telling the media would result in a solution “very soon” were dead ends or problematic at best it now seems.

S&S seems to have fallen on his lap via MLSE’s CFL board chairperson and solidified in very short order where the previous candidates were never serious would seem.