Commissioner for a Day

He had the highest penalty rate of any officiating team in the CFL for 2 years straight and it wasn’t even close, plus there were many calls that he did make that were clearly wrong. Either way…he is the head of his crew…bad calls happen, but when it is continual he owns it. But like I said…that is not now, he is one of the top couple now.

Note that I said “encourage”. Some possible options:

  • Include the quarterback in the ratio (given that the ratio exists already - just a matter of tweaking it a bit); suggest only including #1 and #2 QB spots to ensure they aren’t just clipboard holders;
  • Add a fourth quarterback spot on the roster, limited to non-kicking national quarterbacks;
  • Make national quarterbacks’ salaries, or at least a portion of them, exempt from the salary cap.

I wouldn’t want to mandate teams carry a national quarterback, just provide incentives for teams to have one (or two) on their rosters.

So if I get to enforce in that one day at least three years worth of change .

I concur with the op on the no divisions until the tenth team arrives .

Canadian Ratio is including the QB .

Work out a deal with a US carrier for all games over the air on a cable station until the net removes this by way of attrition . The deal with ESPN is not expansive enough with their over the air on the main stations schedule .

Remove field with sponsors advertising to a field sponsor for entire league that is imbedded on TV by current technology . The exception is the stadium rights holder .

Speed up the game by TV time outs replaced with a technology based advertising that covers part of the screen during huddles , reviews , time outs , etc… .

Show the TV viewer the reviews and analysis given with what the reviewing over sight sees . Make sure this over sight is done timely and efficiently with the best tech available at a reasonable price with transparency . With the NFL playoff Ref fiasco it makes the CFL look like the real billion dollar professional league .

Ok Last thing I will say on this because its not really the topic

So what he had the highestpenalty rate?

First of all…someone has too and all it means is he was doing his job better than anyone else And again…the head ref only calls a small percentage of the penalties

I will never understand that…Doing that will cost another Canadian his job

ANYONE……anyone………Would be better than this uncharismatic commissioner with no plan or idea of improving the sad situations in Toronto, Vancouver & Montreal. Start by visiting these cites more often to make the CFL more relevant in these cities rather than building alliances in other countries.

All the command centre does is give the league the ability to pick the winner they want . May as well just let the referees do it. It all works out in the wash anyways.

Yes but the other Canadian most likely never plays either so there is a wash . I doubt the team cares either way so they might as well include him on the roster ratio .

Watching the home team with more intensity than being a fan before I am always surprised so and so was even on the team roster when I hear they were released after a few years and that’s with special teams inclusion as well .

The expanded roster hides a few Canadians on the depth roster the QB might as well receive equal treatment especially when it has the most skilled and challenging position to become number one .

But I also believe a incentive on top of the ratio can only help in developing a national .

The easy solution for this is to include QBs in the ratio and simultaneously increase the required number of nationals.

The other Canadian will never get a chance but even still, it will cost his job…

Yes just increase roster to 43 from 42 and slot it to a Canadian QB .

  1. Get the teams to carry a 3rd qb that is Canadian that wouldn’t count against the ratio.
  2. Find out what the hell is going on down east.
  3. Eliminate no yards if the defender is backpedalling.
  4. Increase the partnership with USports. Figure out a way to get them back on TV and increase other forms of exposure.
  5. Change Andre Proulx’ job title to practice tackling dummy. Pads-free, of course.

I would ask for an advance on my yearly salary for that day. 8)

  1. Increase minimum salary to $100k.*
  2. Increase ratio by one and eliminate the QB ratio exception.
  3. Increase partnership with USport and CJFL, and begin a partnership with CCAA to get Canadian colleges to adopt football programmes.
  4. Hire someone as head of fan education.
  5. Hire brianjoxx as special consultant to the Atlantic expansion bid.
  6. Hire Lyle and everyman to spell Rod Black and Duane Forde as broadcast team.
  7. Hit up Sully for free lunch.
  8. Recruit FYB, R&W, CFF, PatLynch, TravelPat, Bobo, KevinRiley, ro1313, HfxTC, everyman, MadJack, DAN38, and, if he comes out of hiding, chestmaster for a political round-table discussion/whirlwind inspection tour of facilities in Mexico, Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Finland, Japan, etc.
  9. Make Mexico pay for 8.
  10. Change the OT format back to two 5-minute halves.
  11. Eliminate video replay and challenges.
  12. Eliminate Grey Cup halftime acts and task the team from 8 to come up with suitable replacement ideas.
  13. Max out the commish spending account on Argos tickets for youth charities.
  14. Hit up Sully for free dinner and beers.

*for forum moderators, that is

Sorry mate…when an official’s crew calls 20% more than the next closest…there is an issue. You can pretend that is not an issue or that he doesn’t have to own part of that all you want

In the meantime…like I said, I feel he is one of the best now. I’ve honestly always wondered if part of those 2 bad years was in part attributed to his heart attack

I like that one a lot.

What if he is half a yard away and takes one backwards? Legit question. I like the idea in general concept…but it seems like it could open the door for a lot of abuse. At very minimum they would need to also say that any fumble on the play was not a turnover. If not, you know guys are going to get coached up on playing into a big hit…then backing off last second. I would actually feel more vulnerable as a returner under that scenario.

If you knee nobody would play silly bigger with it…great rule. But I think we all know it would happen.

1 - Change the logo back to the last one, or at least design a new one. The Grey Blob sucks.

2 - Change the single rule so missed field goals that go out the back of the end-zone, do not award a single point. If they land in the end-zone and the defense doesn’t field them they still do, but through the back on a miss, you get zlitch.

3 - Blanket helmet on helmet rule outside the lines. Show that the league is taking concussions seriously.

4 - Require one QB must be Canadian.

5 - Go back to previous challenge rules, save that you can only challenge illegal contact to a player the ball was thrown to.

6 - Establish and publicize a violence, sexual harassment and criminal conduct policy and apply it across the board and stick to it. None of this, some stars we wait till conviction, some 2nd stringers get released upon accusation.

7 - Harsher scrutiny not of the on field refs, but of the review booth staff.

8 - Establish a much better relationship with the CIS, including bundling the Vanier with the Grey Cup

OK just to keep this on topic…If I was comish…I would declare Andre Proulx the best ref in the league and give him a raise

Here is something to think about

If he called 20% less than any other crew…would that make him a great ref?

I am not pretending anything(And you could have found a less condescending way to word it)

Pick any scoring play in any game and fans of the team that was scored on will complain that the refs missed holding or offside or PI on the play. Guaranteed. So I don’t see how calling more penalties is a problem

Honestly to me. calling more penalties than the others is not an issue,It means he is doing his job

Now if someone were to show that HE (not the crew) calls more penalty’s against team X than everyone else, then that is an issue…but not his crew over the entire season

I know you now agree that he is better…I just don’t think he was ever bad

  1. Re-instate pre-season exhibition game between CFL All Stars and Grey Cup champions.
  2. Abandon crossover playoff format.
  3. Discontinue full interlocking schedule.
  4. Grey Cup played in afternoon.
  5. Nationalize international players after a number of years.
  6. Establish southern Ontario weekends when the Argos play at home on Saturdays and the Tiger-Cats on Sundays. Sell tours to see both games, and throw in a visit to the Hall of Fame.
  7. Establish the Mark Cohon Trophy for the player deemed most valuable to the overall image of the CFL. Think Brad Sinopoli, Andrew Harris, etc.
  8. Abolish night games after September 30, except in B.C.
  9. Decide that the Stampeders and REDBLACKS will be either predominantly red, or black, but not the same colour as each other.
  10. Longer player contracts, like in the NHL.

Donuts for everyone!!!

I would get rid of video review and coaches challenges. The games already last too long.