Commissioner for a Day

  1. While there are nine or ten teams, align all the teams in a single division so the best teams make the play-offs;

  2. if a teams intent is to kick a field goal, there is no single point for a miss and the ball is returned to the original line of scrimmage;

  3. after expansion to Atlantic Canada add two more teams who are based in medium sized U.S. cities near the 49th parallel to create cross border natural rivalries. ie. Portland, Oregon & Albany, New York. A twelve team league is viable.

  1. Mosey into the office about 9 or so, meet people, check out some stuff in Randy’s office, probably post some instagram things, take pics to show I was there…

  2. Grab sully and go down to the end of the block to that gourmet burger place, get him to pay…

  3. flop back in Randy’s chair about 1:30, give or take, call all nine GM’s to say hi, let them know I’m there for them, at least until 4pm…

  4. (correctly) assume the GM’s don’t need anything, so probably nap…

  5. prank call Roger Goodell (say that Terrence and Phillip from the CFL are calling, when he answers just fart into the phone and hang up)…

  6. say goodbye to everyone, head back to the hotel…

You only missed picking one of prank calling random leagues about CFL 2.0, starting with the NFL, or actually flying to the Bahamas…you know…in the name of (wink and touch nose)

My friend, I am sure glad that it’s only for a day. Can we make it on Victoria Day? (Limits the damage possibilities even more.) ?

Nope, nope, and only if we can enforce some sort of ratio equivalent (maybe a limit on out-of-region players).

Negotiate with the CFLPA a way to encourage more active Canadian QBs in the league.

I’m okay with a ratio-free extra development slot for a home-grown QB, but I’m totally against tinkering with the merit system in football in the name of equality of outcome. I only want to see the best players available, regardless of where they are from. CFL 2.0 should help develop Canadian QBs if they get the chance to play after university, giving them more opportunities crack a CFL roster on merit. That’s as far as the league should go, in my opinion.

Come up with a system to inform fans that you do not score a point for missing a field goal

Commish for the day?

I would only need it for an hour.

Bye-Bye Proulx … don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I’d find a place for the 2021 Grey Cup where it can be successful.

what would you know about success?

LOL. I knew you would reply. :wink:

hey, at least you got the year right this time.


Yup. LOL. :slight_smile:

Best ref in the league and you would dump him?
I really believe that…I am not trolling
But with that said…I don’t think any ref would be safe…Every one has fans(Anti-fans) that think the are the worst

I now have to add to my agenda

Teach fans about each refs responsibility so they don’t blame the head ref for calls that he does not make

He would be dumped in a heart beat.

Sent to Hamilton to direct traffic at Barton and Sherman.

While not perfect, I don’t have an issue with any other CFL official.

He gets a bad rap because there was a 2 year stint a while back that he was horrid. Since then…yeah, he actually is one of the top 2 for sure.

Let’s just say that when Proulx’s name is mentioned in Hamilton then Godwin’s Law comes into force IMMEDIATELY!

Commish for the day ?

Number #1 priority…

Remove the liquor cabinet and the bong and all other pharmaceuticals from the Command Centre .

What I meant was that every ref is thought to be the worst in the league by someone

But horrid at what?

Missed or phantom PI?

He does not call those

Bad Offside call?

Not his call

Missed the fact that the ball skipped off the turf?

Again…not his call!

No yards? Clipping? Runner stepped out of bounds? Nope! Nope! and Nope!

So again…horrid at what exactly?