Commissioner Cohon on BNN channel

Caught part of an appearance by him on one of the shows on the Business News Network that my dad watches. Alot of what he had to say is probably old news to us here:

  • Grey Cup in T.O. is sold out

  • CFL has 8 committed community/private ownership groups

  • League past the days of needing financial help from the NFL

  • good relationship with Roger Goodell and the NFL

  • thinks NFL to T.O. is possible (after being queried about the Bills situation, but clearly thinks not in the near future)

-seems fairly optimistic about redevelopment going ahead for Landsdowne Park and FC Stadium

-supported expansion when iirc specifically Halifax, Quebec City, and London were put to him as possible places (but reiterated that it depended on stadium funding and construction)

-good matchup for the GC with the Bombers and Riders

-wouldn’t make any predictions on a winner :wink:

Having a team in London would be cool. I'd be able to see games without having to travel. But I won't hold my breath.

Thats an awful long plane ride! :wink:

Unless he's talking about London, Ontario. I don't think Cohon is as delusional as Goodell.

Stop it, or we'll have to suffer another long rant from Kel....

Something about this guy doesnt sit right with me.

Arius thats not it?

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

Cohon said London?... MY London? Oh happy day!




Eskylo, if something doesn't sit right with you about Cohon, where would you put someone like a Selig? Thank goodness we don't have him as a commish. Or Bettman for that matter.

He didn't say London, but it was one of the cities put to him and he said expansion was good, IF the stadium is there to hold the team. So while he didn't name anyone specifically interested in putting the money into the market, he didn't shoot it down either. He didn't say anything about 'Pikemen' either.... :lol:

I'll safely bet, that we'll be be through our fifth or sixth commisioner before we get expansion in London....England or Canada!

.... then how about Alaska sport..... :roll:

I think you could build a 25,000 seat stadium in London, or practically anywhere in this country, and they would pack the joint for 10 games a year. And in the CFL, that's all that really matters.

9 games. But I agree. London has a population of around 400,000, give or take. We could pack a Montreal or Regina sized stadium, I'm sure. Only problem is money.

I think he was including preseason.

You're probably right. Forgot about that.

I'm sure you could dig a few million out of your pocket to help dmont's Pikemen take the field. :smiley: