Commissioner Cohon - Honey- Moon over with Owners

I am hearing some rumblings that i am wondering if anyone else is hearing . My sources are saying that Cohon has running out of Grace with several of the owners , including the owners of Montreal , Hamilton , and you guessed it Toronto. He has support from Ottawa - and he seems to be there a lot in the last 6 months - and support from Sask. Are his heaviest supporters. The rumblings seem to be around these contentious points but not limited to them :

  1. The undervalued 5 year deal with TSN. Though is is worth at least 210 million - several,owners are upset that too much was left on the table , especially in the wake of the loss of the NHL and the monster NHL deal they received at Rogers. The loss of the NHL was not a surprise to TSN - and CFL exec's also new this may happen - which should have increased their value as a TSN property. Though not solely his responsibility - Cohon is taking heat for not dealing a tougher hand at negotiations .
    Remembered what happened to Lysco and Wright for playing the same hand .

  2. The present cflpa unrest - the talk is why so long ? - this should have been put to bed months ago - responsibility resting on his shoulders again - right or wrong the heat is on the commish

  3. Inability to move the Southern Ontario market - pressure is being applied on that not enough done from league office to make a difference in Southern Ontario - has to be more then just spitting TV ratings out - When asked what are you doing ?

May be way out there but also heard that some CFL exec's of teams would not be surprised if he does not finish out this term
That the heat is now being applied and he is now being judged not for what he did yesterday but today -

What are you all hearing about the comm. ? Interesting to me in the last several interviews on TSN or Sports net talk show
I have never seen him seem so dis shelved nervous and sort of shocked that not everybody is dancing to his tune anymore

Is the Honey Moon over ?

Cohon had overwhelming support for his contract extension and is fabulous with dealing wit the corporate world. Tensions are obviously up at the moment, and yeah...he may not extend at the end of his contract, but barring the loss of 1/4 of the season I think he has pretty strong support.


  1. what ever the deal with TSN, the owners approved it...If they were not happy they should not have agreed to it
  2. Not Cohon's fault.....Want a quick deal? Give the players what they want! Its not Cohon who is making the offers
    3)Its up to Toronto and Hamilton to market Southern Ontario

Again its not his tune that no0one is dancing too...its on the owners

I don't know what this stuff is based on, but it wouldn't surprise me. The job of CFL Commissioner has historically not had a terribly long lifespan when the mood of the owners changes.


1- These owners have a history of blaming their commish and throwing him under the bus.
2- Listen to his inteview one the jasongregor show.
3- How about the honeymoon with the players ? I think that's even more "dead"

A source would be good on this, however given that the ownership in Toronto is having problems with it, but not the ownership in BC....yeah...I think this is blowing smoke.

He never mentions BC. He probably assumes we are knowledgeable enough to know it is the same owner.

I think it is likely that some of the owners are not happy with how negotiations have been conducted. For example Mr. Wetenhall has NEVER, EVER discussed his financials in 17 years of ownership. I can't imagine he was happy with Mark claiming he lost 1 million dollars last year.

I think some are probably against the decision not to postpone or cancel camps. The owners are now on the hook for 500k each plus paying out bonus money to some and stipend to all with no guarantee of playing any games including pre-season. Could be a very expensive price to pay to claim the moral high ground.

I hear rumblings every morning. Then I have breakfast and they disappear. those who "hear things"

What's the problem? He wrote a very polite and concise post. He's not even making a claim, take it or leave it. He started the thread, its his, your not forced to read it, believe it or respond to it.

Of course he's making a claim. He's making a claim to have heard all that he posted.

I am allowed to ask where he heard this from though? Is that OK? I didn't think my one-word post was impolite either.

I agree with CRF on this one,the OP said and claimed and I quote "my sources" sources????? just what does that mean???
sounds like someone with inside information or perhaps someone just blowing sunshine up your pantleg.I think all CRF was asking for was a link or a source to back up what pressbox claimed which is pretty standard practice on this forum.For example I could post that my sources have told me that the contract has been ratified and all is well and hunkydory,but it don't mean squat if I can't prove my claim with a justifiable link to back it up and prove it.

It is not targeted at you specifically. Its common place on here to ask for sources. Considering what he's asking about how could he provide a source without putting someone's position in harm's way ? :wink:

Your always polite... would not suggest othewise.

To think that the owners would be unhappy with Cohon because he's taking a hard line in bargaining and releasing some info that makes the league's finances look challenged seems naive. The owners want the best deal they can get, just like the players do. And just like the players, the owner will have to ratify whatever deal the league's bargaining committee brings back to them. The only difference is that the league won't agree to a deal without advance approval from the owners, whereas the players will vote after the fact on whatever their committee agrees to. Cohon and his barg committee are doing what all mgmt barg committees do -- trying to get the best deal they can get. The owners clearly want to spend as little as possible -- all companies have the same objective in bargaining.

I doubt you would see Goddell or Bettman doing the talk show circuit while they are negotiating. These negotiations have been conducted in a very strange manner. Also historically the owners have cloaked themselves in secrecy. This is very unusual and new territory for them.

All right. Since a couple of people commented afterwards, I thought I created a situation by tipping the first domino.

But to take what bobo said further, the mere fact that any of us are asking for a source indirectly answers pressbox's question. If we'd heard it, we wouldn't need to ask where he or she did. And it was stated in plural, so there's more than one, no less?

My guess is that people are speculating that the owners are displeased with Cohon and it's starting to be stated as fact. Like someone else said earlier, they might not be real crazy about the job he's doing with this particular issue but that doesn't mean they plan to hang him over it.

"Honey Moon" :roll:

Whatever that is. The honeymoon was over two years into his first contract. They celebrated by signing him to a second term.

All the speculation, and that's all it is, in this thread amounts to nothing more than baseless muckraking.

I laughed out loud.

The CFL's last TV negotiation came before the NHL deal so at the time it was signed, the deal seemed to be inline with the NHL's. Obviously, since then things have drastically changed. However unlike the NHL's deal the CFL's expires in 5 years and given that TSN's lineup is painfully thin without a national TV hockey deal, the league should be well poised for another drastic increase in TV revenues. Hardly seems like something for anyone to complain about now