Commissioner Ambrosie speaks about XFL collaboration

MARCH 10, 2021

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I worry about the debacle in the 90s. Which league is the leader in this? Will all teams play by CFL rules? Will there be a requirement to have Canadians/ international players on the rosters?

As a long time NFL fan and a CFL fan of Montreal for the last 4 or 5 years, I must say I like the CFL rules and I hope that any collaboration does not alter the unique nature of the game. The larger field size, 12 men on either side of the ball, unlimited backfield motion, and a few other significant differences really demand a different kind of athlete and skill set.

The less commercial and more "down to earth" presentation of the CFL (compared to the NFL) keeps the focus squarely on the field of play. I love watching football, and the fancier the pre-game, booth "action," half time, and side line reporting gets, the less of the game we seem to see. CFL is a good product in my opinion. Go Allouettes!


as long as the CFL does not change to be like the NFL (which sucks), it's worth a shot


One of the things I like best about the CFL is that’s it’s Canadian and brings Canadians together especially at Grey Cup time. Are we thinking that if this alignment goes through we will loose our Canadian identity and the league will just be another North American League? I wouldn’t like that all. I could accept that their is a Canadian division and an American division playing some interlocking games with the Canadian division playing for the Grey Cup and the American division playing for their title and then a championship game alternating between Canada and America cities for a grand title. I could live with that. But, keep the Canadian rules as it’s a more entertaining game.


I love the CFL so much. It's so very Canadian and it's all about the game. It's much more consistently exciting, right to the end of games. I just hope any collaboration with any other entity, doesn't comprise the integrity of our game. That being said, I have complete faith in Commissioner Ambrosie and we know he's not gonna let the CFL be turned into a circus or play second fiddle. Love that we're in the news, can't wait for training camp. Goooo Green & Gold lol


I also have faith in Ambrosie and you got to admit today he has everybody talking CFL. Go Lions go!


The CFL is by far the best football played - I don't believe now is a good time to introduce more change - let's get past this time and solidify what we have before negotiating change. Look how the American influence has taken over the NHL - I want to keep our game Canadian!


Please do not try this again. Our game is awesome, our game does not need to change. If some markets like Toronto are not interested move their team to the Maritimes. Adding Americans this way will not satisfy their NFL wants. Adding new younger fans is possible with out selling out to big name marketing. As a Rider fan hearing this again had me saying maybe not next year for the first time ever.

Moving the team out of Toronto will dry up what sponsor and TV value of the CFL.

As bad as it seems in the 3 cities, it's important to get someone who's deeply rooted in the community and grow fans on at a time.


I think CFL-XFL just could work!

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The thing about this merger is it is a business. I do think it would help keep the CFL alive.. here's why. No argument about the NFL fan #s here and south. Being CFL (Canadian) alone won't fly down south. You have to convince down south that they like it and it is more American than anything else. So... compromise a bit. 4 downs NFL rules between the 20 yard lines and cut the 1hr between plays in half lol... inside the 20.. 3 downs CFL rules. No fair catch (pussy) 5yrds.:+1:t2: Size of field eventually CFL.. for now use both. By the time they realize it's different they will have fallen in love with it. Canadian content... that's a tough one for down south..:thinking:.. but hey.. we taught them how to play hockey!:smirk: The name.. CFLXFL..callifragilisticexpealidoshis ..:roll_eyes::thinking:.. nope.. keep it simple and must have the name "American" in it..:thinking::smirk:.. North American Football League​:wink: they never saw it coming and will love it! The rest is small stuff. It would be an awesome game...NFL... sit this one out.:+1:t2: