Commissioner Ambrosie issues letter to CFL fans

The Commissioner of the Canadian Football League, Randy Ambrosie, issued a letter to fans Friday afternoon.

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A little long winded but the key part is below IMO.

Here at the CFL, we’re watching closely the pace of the virus, and the progress of the vaccination efforts. And they will ultimately affect our ability to get our great players back on the field and our wonderful fans back in the stands. We’re in constant communication with medical experts. We’re working to be ready when public health officials give us the green light.

But we are determined to play.

Other than that, stay safe and follow public health guidelines until then.

It may be possible to play games at close to 25% capacity from June until August 31. By sometime in September there may not be limitations on the number of fans allowed to attend if enough people are vaccinated.

There is also the possibility of allowing people who have proof of having been vaccinated for COVID-19 to attend beginning in June.

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Reading this, He just wrote about 17 pargraphs of nothing!

They can also do rapid tests at games.

Yeh I can't believe he didn't come out and state the exact number of games that are going to be played, what the start date will be, and how much capacity stadiums will be at right from game one on. How can this league possibly survive if the commissioner doesn't know any better than the Worlds leading health officials, vaccine producers and front line medical people who will be enlisted to carry out the delivery of the vaccines. Come on Ambrosie, we need better from you.

Yes and he's collecting his $1 M dollar salary (minus 10% cut) looks like the CFL office in prime location in high rent downtown TO.
Told us nothing new, we all know he can not make a decision about limited seating or full attendance this year. It's the provinces that will decide that not the CFL.
But he has to come out every couple of months just to let us know that he's still around.

The NHL didn't have their plans finalized until a few weeks prior to the season while moving their target date twice.

MLS doesn't even have a schedule yet and they're supposed to start in early March.

And people are expecting him or the league to have more concrete details now? At least we have a target date, which will very likely change.

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The NHL finished last season in 2 bubbles in Canada at the end of Sept.
The NHL then Re-negotiated a new CBA, completely changed the divisions while negotiating the health regulations for playing with the individual States and Provinces and then planned a 30 team, 56 game schedule
plus playoffs within a 3.5 month time line to face off the 2nd week of January

Very true, had 3.5 months and the CFL still has 5 and likley longer if they don't start in June which I wouldn't rule out.

Though still light on details, the article below offers a bit more insight into the upcoming season:

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Still comes down to the provinces allowing fans in the stands. If they don't make decision about attendance the CFL will be in the exact same position as last year. The TV revenue of $4.3 M per team doesn't even cover players salaries.
It is likely we will be doing the one month at a time decision, same as last year, and then by 1 September if no decision about fans in the stands then the league will announce the cancellation

Asking about someone's medical history is illegal. It's a major HIPPA violation.

Pretty sure I heard ticketmaster is going to be requiring poof of vaccine for purchases. This is for every event they sell for not just CFL.

How would that work when you purchase on-line?

Ticketmaster isn't making it mandatory. They'll leave things up to the organizer and health officials.

Ticketmaster clarifies future safety policy for concert-goers (

O.K. I stand corrected. Thanks for the update.

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HIPPA is a United States federal statute. Because the CFl is a Canadian league and plays all its games in Canada, HIPPA does not apply.

If not proof of vaccinated required, how about Covid sniff dogs?