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Absolutely, when such wonderful owners put their own scratch in the mix all of us should then hold them in a different light.
Hall of Famers for sure.

Without players willing to put their life on hold and their health on the line for 46k a year there would be no CFL.

$6500/mo is not terrible for a young guy to try out for for his first 7 mos of employment.

that said the minimum should rise will always find players.
Owners on the other hand...not so much

Somebody on here once told me (or it have been on 13thman), that it’s “Hear Hear”.

Yea, you're right, some of these guys are making quite the sacrifice. Just think about all the outstanding job opportunities (that more than a few of) these players are missing out on back home. I hear Taco Bell is opening new stores all over the place and UPS drivers are in high demand... I really hope all the "best" jobs in Gainesville FLA aren't taken by the end of November.

Look, I'm not trying to troll or be a smart a@@ I'm just trying to put this into perspective; our world revolves around supply and demand and unfortunately (for the players) there are 1500 graduating NCAA players a year who would be more than happy to play for less than the current CFL minimum. That's just reality. If a player has a better opportunity outside of football, they'll take it... no one is "forcing" them to play football.

Personally, If I wasn't satisfied with my income I would get another job... if one wasn't available within my skill set, I'd go back to school and retrain. Isn't that what you would do?

Out of curiosity; what's the Arena League paying now? Now about the recently defunct UFL?

Bob Young is taking a absolute bath in keeping football alive in Hamilton. Hopefully he gets a Grey Cup to recoup some of the losses and the new stadium stems the bleeding a bit. Winnipeg has big debt to repay. Players may get a little increase, but there will be no huge increase in pay.

We'll see. Not the players fault Bob Young mismanaged his ball club for years or that the Bombers went overboard on a stadium.

Bob doesn't it his way though and I give him credit for that even if, and he's admitted it, he's made mistakes and some costly ones at that.

Pretty much, lots of cotton candy, no meat. Cohon is a professional and does a good job of accentuating the posistives, but what fans want to know is something new, like how is Braley's sale going or what progress/concessions/items do the league want from the players this CBA and why.