Commishioner fumblin-bumblin

CFL commishioner, re nfl game in canada- I'm sure any initiative that comes forward into Canada will be within that spirit." Sorry but why are you letting another buiseness encroach on CFL territory??? How about a financial compensation agreement first?? recall the cbc giving games to nbc during nfl strike, for free imo -Dumdums)

An NFL game in Canada is a win-win situation for the CFL. Why? For one, if the game is a snoozer, then everyone will say man, our CFL is pretty darn exciting compared with this. And secondly, if the game is excellent, a lot more very casual fans will say hey, football in general is pretty exciting, never been to a CFL game but even if it is half-exciting as this NFL game, I think I'll take in a CFL game or two.

And before the NFL game, there will be some sort of a little ceremony lauding the long history of football in North America and mentioning the CFL. It will be great for football in general IMHO.

WHy does the all mighty nfl need to play games away from their home stadiums?? perhaps they have a warehouse full of arizona caps they want to peddle,(Sp) lol, IMO encroachment, 1.5 million and first down CFL :cowboy:

The NFL must take the game abroad. Gridiron football like is played in the States and Canada only other than NFL Europe which is losing money badly but just held together by big NFL money. Meanwhile, hockey, basketball, baseball can all have world championships, and of course the biggie, soccer. So the NFL is doing the right thing promoting the game abroad, is good for the game. And we should help them here do this, especially if our CFL benefits from this in any way. ie. money from the NFL, some ceremony before the game about the great tradition of the CFL and NFL in North America. It's just a win-win situation for everyone.

re earl- your heart is in the right place earl- but look at it this way—just suppose- you own a mom and pop gas station, along comes a huge oil company , and they tell you they want to set up on your corner , just for a day, and they will even pat you on the head, for your lost revenue due to all the days sales going to the big oil company, and you will also lose future sales because they are giving away free stuff and gas discountcoupons good for a years rebate., wouldnt you feel Honored about it all eh

First of all I dont believe the NFl owns the CFL any compensation.

Second, I wish you would give a little more credit to us CFL fans. It is our Football of choise and I dont believe haveing the NFL in Canada will affect the CFL in any way

I hear you Massdestruction and respect your point. But lets take a worse case scenario - the NFL really wants a team in Toronto big time and they do anything to do this and it happens and lets also say the Argos go defunct. Do you really think that this would mean the end of the CFL? I don't, I will give more credit to the rest of Canada that the CFL will continue to prosper and grow, with or without Toronto. But really, I doubt this is going to happen anyway although admit there is a slim possibility some time down the road.

The CFL commisioner has no recourse, even if he wanted to step in and stop it. The only way the NFL could be stopped from coming into this country if they chose to would be one of two ways. Canadians as a whole wake up and support their own instead of just supporting an american institution.
Or the government refuses to hand out work visas to the american players.
Neither is likely to happen, (unfortunately for #1)

first there is a big difference between one game played in Canada, and the argos being replaced by a NFL team.

However, those who think the CFL would be ok if that did happen need a healthy dose of reality injected into them. Its just mind boggling that you can think that.

First, tv rev goes way down. Second there will be a huge drain in casual fan attendance, leaving only the die hard CFL fan to keep the game afloat. Media attention will go down. Less income means it becomes harder to pay decent players to play in CFL, specially with increased number of NFL teams providing more jobs for the best players in NFL. Game quality goes down, more fans jump ship, and so on.

You've got a point FYB. But the scenario you paint is a dire one, Canada would be losing a great league and would make a real hole in our national consciousness ie. look at us, we are so pitiful here we can't even keep a league like the CFL going. It would be bad except for those who couldn't care about the league. But, I suppose, the Grey Cup would live on being played by the universities and junior clubs, in this respect in would fulfill Earl Grey's original intention, that it should be awarded to the no. 1 amateur team in the country.