Commish waxes optimistic

There's an interesting, and optimistic, read about Cohon's meeting with the Lions' brass and community business partners in the Georgia Straight today.

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It sounds as if he really has his head in the game and knows where he wants to go. I also really like that he's thinking young. I have high hopes for this guy.

excellent read...thanks for sharing.

I like how focused he was on getting kids into the game, so many high school's in my area are canceling football programs because of not enough money so money in promoting football is amazing.

haha, big fight time he said the words CFL video game.

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a guy at my work ( hamilton )used to play football from age 8-20.

he said, even tho we live in canada and play on a canadian field, they play american rules.

he said u only play canadian rules in highschool or college, which is why alot of kids prefer NFL....cuz they grew up playing american rules.

is it like that everywhere?

There are quite alot of youth leagues that unfortunately play boring NFL rules. And even worse, most of the names are after the No Fun League teams.
It's sad.

That is slowly changing to more 3 down football.

The problem is if you have 10-12 year olds how can you play 3 down football? Their arm strength isn't that great and with the pass being so needed, would be tough.

Punters would get alot of work though.

The OVFL plays Canadian rules but with four downs. That seems like a nice compromise.

do smaller kids use a smaller football?

makes sense to me...a little goalie wears little goalie pads.

I would have to agree, a smaller ball and lighter weight would give a kid a better chance of throwing bullets down field, just might help development of our youth..

We used a peewee football when i was a kid :lol:

We played Canadian rules though.

I like the Canadian rules with 4 downs idea. That gives the youngsters a better chance but teaches them the fundamentals the way they were meant to be played by those who invented the game.

Makes me wonder how lame the NFL is though that they have to give the big bad pros an extra chance, just like the little tykes in Canuckistan :stuck_out_tongue:


It would be fine to play 4 downs with a smaller Peewee(NFL) ball and when

Up until Peewee(11-12) play with 4 downs, at the Peewee level move to 3 downs but keep the small ball
at the next level(minor Bantam) introduce a CFL ball

So at age 13 have Kids playing full CFL rules, which by that age the QB's should have the arms to do some longer passes, I seem to remember that is around the time passing became more an option.

Although a full CFL sized ball may to be too large, the ball they have in the Bomber store, the Junior sized ball would be best(I want to buy that ball it looks so easy to toss for a bomb)
If that happens then introduce the CFL ball sometime between 15 and 18.


CIS should be 12 game reg season + Playoffs - Season needs to start mid/early august, works best for the guys schooling although attendance could be hurt
Junior should be atleast 10 game season + playoffs(For some reason no PCF team plays in Week one and all teams get a bye..huh? the Season is long enough already)
All leagues below Junior should also be 10 total Games(maybe only 8 reg season + 2 pre-season) + playoffs

I work with a guy who coaches 14 year olds (here in the states). I’ll ask him how many games they play but I think he told me it was 8 or so.

I wish they’d had a pop warner type league when i was a kid. I really didn’t have organized football till i was in high school. Not sure what it’s like now - better i hope cause it spcked in the 60s.

Offtopic: I need to change my handle to something a little more unlike my real name lol

CIS: Even most NCAA teams play only 11 games a year, and since we actually have a playoff system :wink: in which a team might play another four or five games, I think 10 regular seasons games is good.

Junior: Agreed. In fact, junior should mimic CIS as closely as possible.

I don't know about pre-season games though, unless you mean scrimmages.

I don’t think it’s worth starting a new thread over, but here’s an interview with Mr Cohon from the Ottawa Sun:

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this is like watching the same commercial 100 times in 30 mins.

says the same stuff every interview.....BOOOOORING.

"Cohon: My predecessor talked about going coast to coast. The issue there is finding a big enough stadium out east, whether Halifax, Quebec City or Moncton. That's a longer term vision where you have to get all different levels of government behind you, and the corporate community behind you to make that a reality. I'd like to see it, but, again, it's going to take time. I have a five-year contract so I'll have time to see those things through."

Well thats a little new... cryptic, but new.

Commish seems to think expansion coast to coast will happen within 5 years.

I hope it happens, but CFL expansion to Halifax has been 3 to 5 years away since the late '70's.

You already knew that he hid goat eyeballs under a mound of rice? :wink:

I agree, that's why I didn't really think it was worth a new thread. The title of htis one is indicative enough of this article too (goat eyeballs notwithstanding).