Commish to decide compensation re: Maas poaching

[u]RedBlacks, Eskimos can’t solve Maas dispute with mediator[/u]

[b]A compensation dispute between the Eskimos and Ottawa RedBlacks is back in the hands of CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge after the teams could not reach an agreement with help from a mediator on Friday. The teams have been locked in a squabble over Edmonton’s hiring of former RedBlacks offensive co-ordinator Jason Maas to be their head coach in mid-December.

“We had a mediation and there wasn’t any obvious resolution so the matter will be deferred to the commissioner,? said Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group president Jeff Hunt on Tuesday. “It’s important to make the distinction it wasn’t an arbitrator who hears everybody out, then makes a ruling at the end. This was a mediator, who kind of tries to say, ‘Hey guys, can you work something out?’ We went through that process and we were unable to come up with an arrangement that both parties were happy with.?

“Our bone of contention is that while we had originally given permission — and at no point was permission taken away — I had informed them that we would want to discuss compensation if we were to lose him with a year left on his contract,? said Hunt. “I said we would want to put compensation into the discussion.

With the compensation issue hanging — and Maas furious with Ottawa for not granting him his release — the clubs agreed to let the hiring go through a week after Jones departed. Then the teams would try and work through it later. And here we are, three months later, with no resolution.

As it relates to Hervey, there’s a great deal of irony here. In 2005, Hervey, who had spent six years as a receiver with the Eskimos, verbally agreed to a contract with the Ottawa Renegades. The Renegades were so sure they had a deal, they called a press conference to announce the signing. One problem, Hervey notified them at the last minute he had decided to re-sign with the Eskimos. With no signed contract, Hervey backed out.

It appears that Edmonton’s contention is that the RedBlacks had agreed to let Maas go — with no compensation involved. Their argument is: “You can’t change your mind at the last minute.?

Can’t change your mind? Funny words coming from a guy who left an Ottawa CFL team hanging a decade ago.[/b]

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Ottawa should have made this explicitly clear in writing when Hervey was granted permission.
Will be interesting to see how Orridge deals with this next hot potato.

So lets get this straight, The CFL teams do not have to honour negotiated and signed contracts with their Players,
BUT!, If a team is negotiating with another team for a member of your staff and you have some kind of a he said so undocumented verbal agreement over the phone, then a paid facilitator has to come in to negotiate compensation which in turn wasn't agreed upon by the Teams, so now the Commissioner must step in to make sure the team is duly compensated, mean while, dozens of players every year with signed contracts are released without so much as a bus ticket to get back home. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

....Hot about can of worms...If compensation is considered and then granted by the commish, do the Esks. go after the Riders for the signing of Jones...This could get very interesting :roll:

I think the difference is that Hunt expressed that he wanted compensation prior to the hiring being completed. Hervey didn't ask for compensation when he got raided. You can't come back and ask for it after the fact.

Well I’m sure that neither party is going to be happy at the end of this. Nice little burn on Hervey at the end of the article.

Given this occurred before the policy on coach poaching had been developed I think nothing will or should occur.

Likewise. It would be difficult for Hunt to prove that such a condition was agreed to anyway.

Which is why I can see why a mediator wasn't going to work with this one.

am curious to know whether Hervey was willing to offer some form of compensation during mediation or none at all which lead up to the Commish as the arbiter.

[b]CFL News ?@CFL_News
#Esks pretty sure they are going to win this battle with Hunt & the #RedBlacks, & that @Commish13 will side w/ them. #CFL via @TimCBaines

CFL News ?@CFL_News
"I cannot be more confident about our position than I am right now.? - #Esks Pres. Len Rhodes #CFL #RedBlacks via @TimCBaines


A player under contract can not be poached, nor can a staffer. You are not comparing the same two things at all here.

I believe he was referring to teams walking away from contract they sign with their players.
And coaching staff members below coordinator can be poached, and always have been, provided they step up the ladder.

Dave Campbell ?@Dave_CHED 5m5 minutes ago
Breaking: #CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge rules the #Eskimos do not owe the REDBLACKS compensation for the hiring of Jason Mass as HC.

Sorry Jeffy

Hunt is steaming like a boiled lobster right now..

And compensation is nothing


I doubt that very much.