commish. feeling the preasure to expand.

I almost feel bad for the guy. Mark cant go anywhere without the expansion question being brought up. So when he brings up the work going into the Ottawa expansion, its always retorted with "No No mr. commishioner, we are referring to a tenth team." I was watching sports centre late last night. i couldnt find a direct link to it, so i appologise. The sports desk gentleman makes a well pointed statement that "even the CFL pre season games had high ratings." and it leads into the commish looking just a hair frustrated and saying "we want all the teams to be finacially stable. we want ottawa first. and we are working on the 100th grey cup. this is a half a billion dollar project. only then will we talk about a tenth team"

I thought it was nice way to handle it. and this is NOT AN EXPANSION THREAD!! earlier this year he did hint more at a possibility of putting an actual team on the right coast. It was about the first time i didnt see him with a big smile when talking about the CFL. I think hes smart, knows we need to see if the new popularity is a fad or here to stay. Also, the legacy of the last expansion attempt is not always talked about with a smile(although we did get montreal back).

I think he is right. lets get some of the other issues off the table. and how embarrasing would it be if in 2017 they expanded into quebec city... and the first game didnt sellout. i think its time to slow the expansion train down. it doesn help that everytime the pannel is being interviewd anywhere other then TSN they all want to talk expansion.

Many posters here are tired of it, imagine how Cohon must feel.

Cohon knows as well as anyone that there are not a lot of realistic expansion options right now. Even if some towns are coming along stadium-wise, we haven't heard of many prospective owners anyway (and two existing teams share an owner!).

There is really not a lot to actually talk about yet so many people treat it as some sort of failure by the league that it isn't 12 teams strong already. It must get old for him.

Cohon is playing the expansion card perfectly IMO.

Ottawa will be there, there are obvious legal challengenges to face first, but I and we are all hopeful and confident there will be a team there in the near future.

This stuff doesn't happen overnight. It took Winnipeg 15 years, and an amazing ownership group (who picked up the majority tab on the new rink) and an sexy MTS Centre to land an NHL team again. But certain things had to be in place before the NHL would even look at Winnipeg again.

To put this in context an expansion franchise would need:

1. Ownership
You need a strong ownership group to back an expansion team. People who believe in the game and can make smart transactions. See: David Braley. Don't see: Gliebermans.

2. Building
Moncton has been doing an AMAZING job with the Touchdown Atlantics, but the fact is that stadium cannot be used regularly for CFL action. Halifax JUST commissioned a $100,00 feasibility study on a new stadium. Lets see where this goes and not jump the expansion gun just yet. I predict by 2015-2016 there will be a team on the right coast :slight_smile:

3. Fanbase
Halifax, Moncton and surrounding areas are a no-brainer. The population is the same if not only a little lower than some CFL markets, but these people are passionate. I really think the east coast will rival Rider fans. I wish I could make it to the 2nd TD Atlantic.

In short, Cohon is doing everything right. Nobody can expand without a stadium, ownershipe or fanbase and sometimes these things take years to develop.

In the case of Jets fans, 15 years.


I want to start off by saying I'm not talking about you, but the people you are talking about. Too many times things can get lost in translation, so I just wanted to be clear.

I hate when people make the statement that the CFL "only" has 8 teams as if it's something to be ashamed of. Canada currently has a population of approx. 33 million people, while the US has a population of roughly 307 million. If we take the Canadian population (33 million) and divide it by the number of CFL teams (8) we get 4.125 million. If we take the American population (307 million) and divide it by the number of NFL teams (32) we get about 9.5 million. For the NFL to reach the numbers the CFL does it would have to have over 70 teams (73 teams would put the population-to-team ratio at 4.2 million). The CFL with 8 teams is actually rather large and each team caters to a much smaller fan base than any NFL franchise. Imagine how diluted the NFL would be with a 73-team league. Sorry for hijacking the thread for a second there, but I needed to get that off my chest.

I think one day we will see 10 teams, and I think the way that the commissioner is playing it is perfect. The league is in good hands with Cohon. I think mpdid put it perfectly. Without a stadium, a fan base and especially an owner, there is no need at all to rush the move to Atlantic Canada. It will happen, forcing it would only make things worse.

I hate when people make the statement that the CFL "only" has 8 teams as if it's something to be ashamed

Exactly, does that mean that all those Stanley Cups don't count for teams that won them when the NHL was 6 teams? People who question the CFL with 8 teams are idiots because they don't know their history of Canadian sports, really, don't give these people the time of day IMHO.

Always remember, Canada is made up of a large part of friggin imbeciles and idiots. :o :wink: :cowboy:

Um, I don't think you are going to win over many supporters with language like that. Those you are calling such names are the ones you want to have see the light that the league is great and, um, welcoming ...

I had to leave Canada. People there are too smart for the like of me :lol:

Um, I don’t think you are going to win over many supporters with language like that

That’s my point legal, these sorts are past being “won over” so let’s just talk about these sorts the way I/we want to really IMHO. Not ashamed of saying they are idiots if they respect winners of the SC with 6 teams but not the GC with 8 teams. Not rocket science really. You really can’t deal with these types of people in a rational sense.

Get Hamilton and Toronto in the green, and then we'll talk expansion. How about that? Also Rider fans, please refrain from making silly "We are Riders! R color iz Green! We beat Toronto and Hamilton! They Green Now!" comments.

What did i miss?? :?