Commercials overdone at BC Place

Everyone in my section was complaining about how every bloody second play there was a commercial, even over riding the anouncers voice, not just during commercial breaks, i'm talking between EVERY SINGLE PLAY, it killed the whole mood in the stadium.

I'm 23, this is BS, i want to see half as many commercials next season, what an absolute embarassment that was, new fans probably won't come back. They're so bloody loud and annoying too, not to mention we have to see those stupid Rogers commercials with those stupid kids acting pretending like they're in some stupid i don't know where, they're the most horribly annoying commercials (as are most Rogers commercials for the last 2 years) it just ruined the game experience for a lot of people.

Reg. Season games aren’t so bad…

But playoff games commercials are like watching at home I agree, but I have trained myself to turn commercials into a background drone, and then tune back in as soon as they are over. Besides ya gotta pay the bills.

You don't have to pay the bills like that, that was overdoing it. You can't drown them out when they drown out the BC Lions anouncer.

Man is everybody on these forums a bunch of idiots like the riders fans or what?

Write a letter to them and especially to the sponsors that pay for that air time.
Then to really shine them on, add this at the end:

"Man is everybody that works for the Lions and BC Place a bunch of idiots like the riders fans or what?"

That will really make you feel good about yourself.

If it knocks a few dollars off my tickets I have no complaints about the commercials. If it lets us sign a few more key players I'm completely in favor.

It was a non issue for me - I didn't notice it at all. Maybe because I was so into the game....apparently, at one point I started making "noise" when we were on defense. The play seemed to take forever and my son then brought me up to speed, "Mom, you're cheering through a commercial break".

Would you rather them raise the prices on tickets and the ridiculously high prices on the food?

i also hate that anouswer saying all the time , ok everybody let's get behind the deffense, it is like we are stupid or something.

Right cuz its been like this at BC place since i've been goin since a child, no sorry it hasn't. I think its gone way up over other years, and no the only way it would affect anything is them making the same amount as other years versus making more this year. You must've been lucky Debralynn in your section cuz you couldn't hear anybody over the commercials where i was. It totally ruined the atmosphere of the stadium, and as i can see i'm not the only one that thinks so. If they want to up the prices on ridiculously high stuff that they're already making 100% profits on then good luck getting me to buy anything more than my ticket. I'm not gonna be blinded by this "the team needs this to make money" crap, i know they need to have advertisements, hence the rogers ones all over the field and in the stands, now we have to watch the most horrible commercials on TV again, AT THE GAME? WHY? So all those advertisements that litter the field almost disgustingly is not enough money? I think they're expecting too much money from 50,000 people especsialy when they're making 2 million at least just on ticket prices into their pocket for that one game, add the other 9 games and you got 11 million. Advertising on the fields all game every game, nowhere near the amount of commercials all season as the west final. It was overdone, other people noticed it, stop trying to come in here just to argue for the sake of arguing like everyone does on these boards. The commercials didn't need to be so excessive, nor loud, as they played them over top the anouncer and they were louder than he was. It was horrible, i was with my dad who was a season ticket holder in the 80's, he said it was horrible too. IT was WAY excessive and it ruined the atmosphere of the stadium. If this continues i'll have to just sit at home more next year on game day. I can't stand those rogers commercials, i come to the stadium so i don't have to see commercials i see on TV, but to watch the game and the commercials were very distracting and cranked louder than the fans could cheer. It was horrible.