Commercials Already?

I know they need commercials but I think they are overdoing it.
Stopping the game and momentum, loss of adrenalin.
Thinking of dropping my season tickets and PVRing the games at home.
One hour game takes 3 hours. :roll: :thdn:

This is nothing new.

Without commercials there would be no TSN. With no TSN there would be no CFL.

The frequency of commercial breaks does seem to have increased this season. Virtually every possession change, it seems.

Some of us are old enough to remember the good old days with two or three breaks, total, per quarter -- but that was when broadcasters had regulations permitting far fewer minutes sold per hour. Because of simultaneous substitution, Canada essentially had to follow suit when the U.S. changed its regs to allow more ad breaks.

It's TV, you have to expect commercials.

What I don't like these days is going to the stadium & having to sit through a commercial for something during a stoppage in play. I get why they have to do it, but it's seriously annoying.

The thing got me was during one game, they had a commercial break at a change in possession. Fine. Then a two and out and another commercial break. Aggravating but I can handle it on occasion. Until I looked at the clock and there was 3:47 left in the second quarter. So another commercial break was coming up in approximately 47 seconds of game time. That was a horrible stretch

There's 4 commercial breaks per quarter, plus the one in between quarters. It's been like that for years.
If there's 2 breaks close to each other, it's because there's been long possessions and they haven't had a chance to have one for several minutes so they need to catch up.

Yep. Or injury time out.

It wouldn't be as bad if there were a wider variety of commercials.

The ones I hate are the short commercials between snaps ON THE SAME DRIVE!!!

Yeah, no chance to use the washroom during those.

It's too bad that years ago they didn't bring in rules like they did in soccer. No timeouts for commercials just run them along the boards on the side or have them flashing changing signs like in baseball.
It's not just the commercials that are slowing down the play and the tempo but also the players going down on one knee for an injury time out, the coaches challenges, the timeouts, the half times that are too long, too long between plays, 20 second clock should be 10 seconds.

I find them ten times worst when the team is playing badly. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :cowboy:

:rockin: You got that right, :thup: wish I could pass my adrenalin off to the Cats. :cowboy:

Got to agree with everything here, but what is the option? I suppose they could record the game and show it on a time delay, inserting commercials as wanted. Would be confusing to the concourse crowd, and maybe the people who watch on TV, but listen to radio?

I don't like the frequency and length of the commercial breaks when I'm sitting in the stands, but I would really hate to see the games go to a pay-for-view basis on TV.

Commercials are part of life now. You gotta get over it.

Try going to almost any video feed on YouTube and you have to sit through a commercial. Same with Ticat TV. Someone needs to pay for this stuff and in the long run it's the consumer.

I see no way back. Pay per view would kill the CFL .

Whatever happened to the Classic rock playing before the start of every play like at IVOR WYNNE! or the on field promo games like the beer case race? These promos may seem like bush league but I personally found them more entertaining than what they do now! (which is pretty much Cut to Cats TV to hear some ridiculous grading system.

Which half the time you can't understand or hear what they are saying.

We should be lucky that CFL games aren't shown on SPIKE TV.

I was at the Leafs vs Sabres Game this week. It is worse.
It seems like they were out shovelling the ice and I mean about 8 kids with full snow pusher's which did the whole ice surface. It seemed like forever and they were out there a tonne of times. At least at football there is stuff to watch around the stadium. Not much to watch at a hockey game except the shovellers. And it was Leafs and Sabres so there was a lot to shovel (more than ice)!

Why do you torture yourself so much?

mule kick ? :lol: :wink: :slight_smile: