Commercial Breaks

Just my observation, but it seems that the game is painfully slow this year with all the tv time outs. I swear I see more of the man waving his red hanky signaling a commercial than I do actual continuous football being played. Now I'm no CBC fan but it does seem to be more so with games broadcast on TSN than on CBC. Frustrating.

i'd rather be at the field watching the guy in red wave his arms then watch those stupid rona and wendys commercials over and over and over

This probably seems longer with the introduction of instant replay this year because they take about 2 minutes per call to decide and if there are many challenges it adds up

Gives you a chance to go to the bathroom. get a cold beer from the fridge, or have a bowl of Goatmeal Crisp!

....sometimes i swear....that i was watching a bloody commercial....and a football game broke out....too many interruptions that kill the flow of the game....i realize you need sponsors...and advertising... to be financially successful.....BUT couldn't the sponsors re-visit the timing and proliferation of these ads. ....i'm getting quite turned off....and if they don't do something to change....that's exactly what i'm going to do....turn it off.... :thdn:

Exactly...not to mention that being at the game the crowd is suffering through the same timeout and they don't have the time to hit the bathroom if they need to.

Yes there seems like a FEW more commercial breaks this year, but remember how many posters here want the league to make more money?? Well....advertising dollars is probably THE biggest way for any sports league to do this.

haha nice goatmeal crisp;),“but you wont like it”:wink:
It’s true. It does give you a chance to go to the bathroom and get something to eat, I mean you don’t wanna miss anything during the game because you have to run to the bathroom 'cause you drank to much pop lol. But I do have to say there has been a few commercials. I say Wendy’s and Rona make some new commercials lol, replayig the same ones now over and over again is getting a bit old.

I will never eat another Wendys hamburger while planing a piece of wood again :wink:

Just be thankful it's not "Ranch!!" all over could always be worse..... :lol:

i hope they come up with some more of those scotiabank commercials like they had during the playoffs last year.

The best one was where the guy behind the desk in the office cusps his hands around his mouth and goes ( ARRRRGOOS) and then pretends it wasn't him. :lol:

Ya I liked that one to...I also liked the commercials tsn showed a few years ago with the lunatic fan cursing the other team, the next scene would show him in a precarious posistion surronded by mean CFL players..

Along the same lines, whatever happened to the commercials like the “no free catch” rule one from a few years ago? Two kick returners are back waiting for the kick, and they’re talking - the veteran is telling the rookie there’s no free catch rule “up here.” Then he catches the ball and immediately gets flattened. I really liked them.

I also liked the “our balls are bigger” commercials. I bought one of the t-shirts right away - that was about 12 years ago. It finally disintegrated a couple of years back. I’d really like to get another, but I haven’t seen them for sale in quite a while.

Speaking of commercials, who else is annoyed with the Coors Light commercial? Where the guy falls over and that guy asks for something cold.

It was funny the first time.. and f**kin annoying the rest. :lol:

Wow that is a bad one! You want to trhow a can at the guy! :lol:

Why can't they go to commercials during injuries? How many times do we need to see how a player gets a "boo boo"?

It happens so many timnes, long injury timeout, then the next play is a punt and then off we go to a commercial. We should take the commercials during injuries!

My favorite commercial would have to be a Budweiser one I saw during the NFL season the first year they brought in instant replay. These two cowboys are sitting the fence watching the Budweiser horses run around and then they suddenly stop. The one cowboy then says, "This ref is a jackass". The next shot shows a zebra looking into the NFL replay booth, as the other cowboy says, "No, I believe thats a zebra".

....heh sport....i think you're on to something there....what they need is an
'easy' button....where they can insert commmercial during injury down time...or when that striped guy is in that little box re-viewing a call..... who wants to sit and watch a time-clock tick away in that down-time .i'm sure they can come up with something that dosen't kill the flow of the game ....which is happening now..... :roll: 8)

Good idea!

Thats it Papa, I'm nominating you for Commish.

i'm sure its not just me ... But I want to pound the living hell outta that 'aaannndd dab, aaaandd dab, aaannnd dab' Rona twerp.

Speaking of commercials ... When are the Wendys Cheddar Bacon Mushroom Melts coming back anyways?


What do you expect? It's an american beer!! :lol: