Comments on Winnipeg/Montreal game for Als

AC had a much better game:
ZERO interceptions. he was overthrowing long passes to avoid interceptions.. this has leaded to more incomplete passes but no interceptions. But again, not enough rushing plays allowed.

Offensive line had another bad night, too many sacks allowed.

Defense did an good job, Stegall was not able to score a touchdown but left Brazell and T.Edwards free. The finally got some interceptions.

Special Teams: Turning point of the game came when Als lost Cobourne... Then Imoh fumbles the ball in his endzone.

Kicking: Duval had a good night. He only missed 2 40+ yards field goals. he completed 5 field goals including a 51 yarder. His punts were great.

In general, this was a much better game for Als and I saw some improvement but not enough for a win.

Nice analysis.

From my eyes and this has been a major problem since last year. The offensive line is simply too slow. Opposition comes off the ends at will and beats up Calvillo. It looks to me like the Als are going to have to look at adjusting their import ratio and playing imports on the Oline. They may have enough non import receivers with Stala, Cahoon , Deslaurier and Derivaux to do that. It would help if Calvillo and his Oline could start moving the pocket around but that is a lot easyer said then done.

Last night they won 3 quarters but a brutal second quarter killed them. They are close to winning football games but are very far from being a GC contender.

Imoh was terrible. I am not sure if Popp will give him another shot. I don't see the practices but it always concerns me when a RB fumbles like Imoh did.

Als have a soft first half of season schedule they need to win at least four of the first nine games to be even in the picture or they could be victim of a crossover from the West.

Tell me about it.
2 fumbles. Actually 3 but fortunately his knee was down.

When does Okeke return? There was one sack that Canada(I think) blew right by the Offensive tackle like he wasn't even there.