Comments on the game

  1. Cobb and Oline played much better . I think it is a combination things . Hamilton paractiocing the run more, playing against BC with an injurd DT and thus only 3 Dlineman , Cobb having past success against BC and thus success. jiminez back in there and Cobb's fear of NFL cuts replacing him . I just hope the OLINE and Cobb can build on this .

  2. Mann really looks like he can get alot of YAK yards . We need to give him more touches and screen passes as he can turn a 4 yard pass into a 25 yard gain alot .

  3. I still think our DB's are poor and HEYWARD was the goat today and Barker dropped yet another one right in the numbers in the end zone and Barker also has lost his killer instinct and is playing tentaveley,
    Hinds looked good and could be an ratio buster as he is canadian ...I think Dennis is the best DB and Tisdale is ok but he still gets burned alot . I think Shivers has improved . Bradley still plays way too back and off the player but he hits harder than any db I have ever seen .

4 ThE NEW dlineman Gibbs looked awesome. Not sure wha they will do when Mcintyre is healthy and Baggs is back . I am hoping Mcintyre goes to tackle with Baggs and Hickman as ends . I assume Gibbs can play tackle as well .

6 Knowlton is really something . Any one notice him stripping the ball late in the game to prevent a reception . this guy blocks pounts, strips balls, caused fumbles , is agreat blitzer and good tackler . He brings alot ot the table .

7 Johnson and Floyd also had good games and Floyd is always in the middle of fumble , sacks and Johnson is always punishing people and making big plays at the right time. We have quite a linebacking corps with now an improved DLINE. If we can get a few new DB's then this could be the Grey Coup dfence .

8 I still think we need to bring in other DB's and running backs as we seems ok in all other positions.

Overall , it was nice to see the cats not quit last night despite all thier penalties and turnovers etc .

Ok Obie bring in some DB's and RB'S that can help take us to the GREY CUP this year .

A few more pats on the backs -- Wilbur 47.6 punt yard avg, DeAngelis 5/5 FG's, Tisdale's outstanding play on his interception, Glenn's best longer pass of the season (to Bruce at Dead Ball Line), Beswick on Special Teams. And, of course, a big TC Thank-You to the officials for their huge screw-up on the Mann TD play. That was perhaps the real turning point in the game. They seemed to confuse the good block closer to Mann and the clear push from behind by Dyakowski further from the play. I'm guessing that the flag-dropping official was doing so on Dyakowski, while the Referee thought he'd incorrectly flagged the other block.

Concerns -- dropped balls that should have been caught -- McDaniel, Thigpen, Mann and, of course, Barker. Stupid penalties -- Jiminiez, Yannick Carter, Gibbs and more. A bit of the old Arland has been showing through too, taking stupid penalties for hotdog actions in the past two games now. Fish's 29-yard mistake in returning the deep kickoff that he should have let go out of bounds to scrimmage at the 45 instead of the 16. Coaching inconsistencies -- i.e. Why go for a 2-pt. convert one time when their TD puts them up by 1 point (32-31) and not the other time when their TD put them up by 1 point (12-11). BOTH were obvious times for 2-pt. attempts. And, the continuing policies of letting opposition kicks bounce and always choosing not to receive a kickoff after opposition FGs.

And on top of that he's a heck of a nice guy personally. . . real class act. Easily the favourite Cat of Mr & Mrs MadJack

The context means everything. The first time the game was still in the first half (maybe even the first quarter) and that's not the time to be chasing points. Kick the convert, take the lead. The second time, it as at the end of the game. Whether they miss the two-point try to kick the convert, a FG wins BC the game. Big difference in scenarios. This is not inconsistent coaching, it's actually very consistent with what every other football coach would do. You never, ever, go after points in the first half, ever.

While I respect your opinion, I disagree with it.

You're not disagreeing with me, you're disagreeing with almost every football coach on the planet. I can't recall seeing a coach go for two points in the first half, ever.

If I am, so be it. I can't recall a situation either but, then again, successful or not, a two-point attempt in the first half of a game, by a team leading at that moment by 1-point, is not something that would have stood out to me. But, if or when either of us see one in the future, I expect it will.

I thought it was an ugly win, with lots of mistakes and lucky breaks.

A win is a win, and winning on the road in BC is great.

Ugly is the word. We HAVE to start playing solid football games where we dominate. We have the talent to do it but we are not getting it done. A win is a win, but I have to admit that I have no confidence this team, playing the way they have, will get by the first round of playoffs. You can't count on other teams giving the game away like BC and Toronto have over the last few weeks.

I've seen in very rare cases (only in NFL/NCAA) when a team has missed an extra point on their first TD, and then for some reason the coach gets it in his head that he should go for 2 on the next one to make up for it. It always leaves the TV commentators bewildered.
And it never seems to fail that if you go for 2 too early and miss, you end up being forced to go for 2 later in the game to make up for it. Whereas if you had just gone for 1 early, you would have only needed the 1 later.

TSN, on the Argo/Bomber half-time show, reports they spoke to Tim Higgins who confirmed that the officials got it wrong on the penalty call that gave Mann a 50-yard TD and was, IMHO at least, the turning point in the game. Higgins spoke to the officials involved and also Wally Buono, about it, today.

While true that the officials did make an error, how often have such errors gone against the Tabbies? Things tend to even out over time, and I'll take this win no matter what, over a loss where there were no official's errors that helped the Ticats.

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Me too, mfth.

CFL officials make mistakes every game, but the CFL officials didn't commit 5 Turnovers in just over 16:00 of playing time. That was the game, The Cats Defence forced the Lions to elf destruct.

I’ve always believed that coaches should carry a pocket chart for quick reference when choosing to go for 1, or go for 2, on a convert, so as to avoid having to think it out in the heat of the moment. Because of the discussion above, I went looking for the chart which I knew I had somewhere. And, here (most likely to create even more discussion on the subject) it is:

I'm with ya, but obviously blown calls like that one gives our league a "bushy" feel.

well... it makes up for the bogus interferance call on (I believe it was) Barker that lead to the Paris Jackson TD. I call it even.

Ottawacat, I don't think that a chart should really apply to all situations in the CFL because of the rouge. A single point can be scored at any time in the CFL, and scores are usually much higher, so going for two early in a game to get an extra point really doesn't apply the same as it might in the NFL or NCAA. Personally, I've always felt coaches should only go for 2 when its in the fourth quarter and it makes a difference, like last night when the Cats went up by one point.

As for the game, it was a bit of an ugly win, but a win no less. We got some breaks late in the game, but I though BC got some early (ie. Shivers injury, Printers escaping big losses, a touchdown set up by a long pass interference). I also thought we created many of our breaks. As far as the Mann touchdown goes, if you watch closely, illegal blocks and holds are often missed and not called, the fact that they originally called a penalty and then changed their minds was a little bewildering.

Markeith Knowlton was everywhere in the second half, and should easily be defensive player of the week. I've never been that big a fan, but he was spectacular late in this game.

Cobb made some big runs late in the game, but I'm still not convinced he can get it done week in and week out. It certainly helped when BC lost a defensive tacle, and were down to 3 D-Linmen. Either way he got the job done, and the OC adjusted when the running game started working. Amazing how a balanced offense can work.


I agree that no coach should ever go for 2 before the fourth quarter, not in the NFL and not in the CFL. Going for 2 is something that should be reserved fro the end of the game.

He didn't happen to mention the pass interference call against Barker, did he?

While I agree that the refs flubbed the illegal block call on Mann's catch, it definitely wasn't the only bad call in the game.