comments on the site

i dont know how connected the posters on the actual site and the posters on this site are, but while reading the articles posted on i have found one person who feels the need to comment on every single article. not only does he insist on doing this but he comments the most ridiculous ideas. example, on every single article regarding calgary he tells us not to bother play as we will lose anyways... it has already been decided that the riders will go to the grey cup... sure thats an opinion but spamming it on every single article is a little much. also he feels that the allstar selections are a joke... not stating any reasons but undoubtedly it is only because his favorite players are not being selected. no real point other than to vent i guess, i understand that there are always going to be people like this, but i find this one person extremely frustrating lol

I hope it's not me!

Yes it's you :lol: :lol: :lol:

no i dont think it is you lol this guy has a very specific way of typing lol