Comments on the Argo game - your comments too please

1 . Still no pash rush . The only one worth keeping is NML #9 as he is a rare canadian that can bring it . We are going nowhere with no pass rush

  1. Loved Lumsden's speach !!!
  2. Was there alot of testosterone flying around ivor wynne or what was like a rock concert
  3. My god Taffe . That call you made on third down gamble when you say you could not bring in Williams to do the QB sneak . Well your experience OLINEMAN went down on the play and you had an injury timeout so you had the chance .

5 Coverage on kickoffs and punts are looking poor as we are using to many weak canadian subs .
Constantly adding new people to our specialty teams is not good . We do not seem to have enough speed and strength on specialty teams and it's getting worse .

6 We need to throw some screen passes to caulley and Lumsden and just passes out of the backfield , and a few bombs to Rodriguez

7 . I think Lumsden will be sick of all this and leave ad I blame OBIE for retaining Taffe .

8 Taffe was terrible last year and he is terrible this year . This is an easy decision OBIE .

9 Starting to think Ernest Jackson deserves a look see at slotback.

10 . I am wondering if Printers is worth all that money.

11 . Why not play Anthony at linebacker and go with a 3-4 defence with Adams , Patrick and NML UNTIL we get soem real lineman from the NFL

12 Woodard has got to go .Bring back Cavka .

13 This Manning guy has to go c'mon Creehan please . I challenge anyone to prove to me to why this guy should even be playing specailty teams

14 Did anyone think it odd to see a tiger walking on the field at half time and all the players walking on the field at the same time

15 Was it not odd to see a racoon racing accross the field

I wasn't at the game so I can't comment on some of the things not televised. But from what I saw on TV...

  1. Lose Woodard. Week in and week out he has been inept. To call him a weak link is an understatement. Just about everyone on this site has said similar and yet he continues to start. It's like he has incriminating photos of Taafe or Obie.

  2. While I'm not happy with some of Taafes decisions, I can understand the hesitation in firing him. But I have less hesitation at firing Bellefeule (sp?). His play calling has been extremely predictable. Where are the screen passes to either Lumsden or Caulley? Or the quick short passes to Rodriquez coming across the middle. It was used once for a 15 or 20 yard gain...then never used again. Why?

  3. Who evers responsible for determining the starting line up is an idiot. Jo Jo Walker has had some incredible games and yet they decide to sit him out and dress Mitchell. Why would you sit a player that is contributing, to play someone who hasn't done anything?

  4. I actually thought the front line of the defense played pretty well. They had pressure on Joseph and forced him to scramble. My beef this time was the secondary. They all gave the receivers too much cushion. What's the point in watching a receiver catch a ball at the first down marker? Three weeks ago (or so) Bradley made an interception and that seemed to fire up the secondary to which the rest of the night, they were covering their men like saran wrap, making plays on the balls. THAT'S the way to defend. Hell...on that one scramble from Joseph, I thought we had him and then he ran back across and fired the ball to Bruce who was all alone 10 or 15 yards up. GEEZ!!!!! WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO COVER HIM? HOW THE HELL DO YOU LEAVE ARLAND BRUCE ALONE?

Anyhow, that's about it from my point of view.

I can't believe there are still NML fans out there! He was invisible on Labaour Day.

All he does is this stupid spin move (watch him closely on Saturday!) that gets him no where.

I don't care if he's Canadian, American, Hungarian, German or Polish, he ain't cuttin' da mustard.

OUR PASS RUSH SUCKS! Our sacks are always coverage sacks! I only remember one true sack on Labour Day when Zeke blitzed and got the sack.

Cut them all and let God (Obie) figure it out.

Then how do you explain the last place team having the 4th most yards offensively, the 3rd most TDs scored and 4th most 1st downs earned, all the while giving up 31 sacks which is by far the worst. The second worst is 20! And we're hardly pass at that!

That inidicates one thing for the offence. PASS PROTECTION! Not play selection.

The biggest concern is the defence! Last or second last in almost every category!

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In response to the original post, my thoughts would be

  1. you're right about the rush, I don't agree about NML. When you are the hightest paid player on a D-line that can't get the job can likely find yourself out of a job.

  2. I would have loved it more if it looked like anybody was paying attention. Jesse just doesn't seem to have a commanding leadership type voice to me. Personally I think in this town your defensive stars are the least traditionally.

3)wouldn't know. Wasn't able to be there, but it sure looked like it was alcohol and not testosterone based on what I've been reading.

  1. Should have been a hand off to Lumsden if you ask me. If they are going to stuff you, have it be your best player running your best play that gets stuffed IMO.

  2. we have been strong most of the year, I don't think it's weak Canadian players, I saw a few illegal blocks that seemed to go un-noticed. You have to give credit to Dorsey, he is unbelievable.

  3. if we had an O-line that was good at faking and releasing to block for a screen I'd say yes we should run a few more. If we ran screens it would be a dump to the flat and the RB getting gang tackled by 4 unblocked defenders likely....wouldn't work out too well too often. On the Bombs to Rodriques....well you kind of need time to set those up...time we haven't had too often.

7)pur conjecture and I personally don't think Jesse shares your views on that one.

8) what decision? Firing? I don't agree, at lest not mid season anyway. Charlie has made some mistakes for sure. I wish his mistakes were not so costly, but, we could use a break a, but a HC is only as good as his co-ordinators and talent...see Pinball Clemons. If Obie wants to replace him at the end of the year based on a full year evaluation with this current management structure then fine, but, not mid season.
  1. Why? If he hasn't shown better in practice to the coaches that what we have now then he ain't never gonna make it.

  2. Give him an O-line that can pass block and some experienced receivers and he will show you he is worth every penny.

  3. Because in a 3-4 set up like that opposing RB's would have a feild day on us and we would be beat up and exausted by half time.

  4. Agree Woodard has got to go. I'll bet Obie was hoping to find a diamond in the rough with what we brought to camp.....sadly that didn't happen.

  5. Manning is a decent ST player, fast, can hit. He may not be a division all start but he belongs on the field, at least on ST's for sure.

  6. didn't see it. Might have looked funny though especially if he was chewing on a couple of white and blue jerseys.....

  7. was that the same racoon that took a spiderman mask out of his sweaty shorts and put them over his head....ew...gross.

anyway my $.02

NML's spin move is funny to watch...every play. I'm sure the tackles from every team get a small laugh watching film every week as well.

Defence is killing this team. Should I say lack of.