1. The Hamilton OFFENCE showed great play selection.
  2. They utilized the speed of Chris Williams and Thigpen with creative plays
  3. Thigpen’s kick returning was great
  4. Thigpen resting a game really paid off
  5. Glenn looked cool and had decent protection and got rid of the ball quickly which also means there was good play calling and the receivers were getting seperation .
  6. Avon was a warrior out there …
    7 Jamal was fresh and the time off sure gave him some spark
    8 I did not like the pass rush and having Hickmann backing into coverage did not work well . The poor pass rush
    caused us to blits DB’s a few times where we got burned on Rihcardson’s touchdown for example when Young blitzed .
    9 It seems teams do not hrow much to the Means and Webb side of the field …and when they do they sometimes get the ball stripped :slight_smile: as means did to whitaker …I did see Webb get beat once though …
    10 Most games Smith and Young get clearly beat about 5 times each …Smith is at times close but not close enough
    11 Not sure what happened when Thomas let that reciver run wide open up the middle for a td ? kind of scary
    12 It did not seem that we utilized Rey Williams well enough
    13 Sticky Stalla strill needs the ball more
    14 B. Grant has to be on the Bombers mind with good routes and great hands this past game .
    15 It is now hard to key on anyone in this offence as we can do reverses to C Williams or Thigpen or run Thigpen out of the backfield and run stunts to thgpen or williams
    16 Glenn distributed the ball very well
    17 Not many plays wehere Glenn held the ball for more than 3 seconds thus not allowing for much of pass ruhs
    18 I noticed on mnay plays the QB has a choices to throw to closer guy or deeper guy …for example poters td to stallla …he had the opton to throw to # 0 at the goaline on the same side
    19 WEBB and MEANS can cover man to man and Smith and Young cannot
    20 Collins looks like a good db …he is bigger and can stop the run too
    21 OLINE played well .
    22 Steels showed a bit more this game of pass rush and aggressiveness
    23 Porter was great when called upon and it is great he got some reps in late in the season
    24 what was with COX and all those facemasks …what an idiot
    25 Kudos to MArcel for resting the guys and having a good game plan and playing possy the last 2 games of the season with a vanilla offence so montreal had nothing to look at .
    26 Can’t wait to have a well rested Baggs added to the DLINE …it sure will ease the pressure on Hickman and we can pick and choose when to blitz . I hope for a huge game from BAGGS
    27 I hope HINDS is game ready and does not replace means but rather Smith or Young
    28 I hope Webb will be watching CARR this week as he seems like he could have his way with this secondary same with Edwards and Denmark .
    29 Rose was very quiet in this game but i expect him to standout again when Baggs is back

He sure did. When he was at his best, when he took Winnipeg to the Grey Cup (but couldn't play in it himself due to a broken arm), that was precisely the word to describe him. Cool. Unflappable. A very good game manager. Hope he keeps that up.

That's probably been my biggest complaint about Chamblin's defensive schemes. All season he had Baggs doing that, and on Sunday it was Hickman doing it. Sorry, but I don't like trying to squeeze square pegs into round holes; Baggs and Hickman are outstanding pass rushers, let them do what they do best (and pass coverage isn't it).

answer to 11.

Young lined up on the side of the field where there only 2 receivers. The other side had three and therefore the wide open receiver left uncovered by no DB.

The coaches were great and made some good decisions. Even the refs called a great game, they looked good too.

as gerbear9 says, it was Thomas. Young was in the right place.

Take a look at play #6 ... show_video

Good read gerbear. :thup:


#24 we were asking ourselves the same thing!

Congrats to the TiCats. Great game. Tighten up on D and who knows, maybe you will be booking your tickets to the big show next week in Vancouver!

Good luck.

Glenn's eyes were cool, confident, and calculating.

For what it's worth (not being an Als fan) I hope AC calls it a career. It would be good to see MacPherson get his shot, he's definitely earned it.

It will be interesting to see if the great Als fans will continue to support an AC less team no longer on the top of the standings, if this happens.

Think many of us are hoping he returns for another season but in a reduced role. Allowing McPherson more playing time and mentoring him as was done when he left the TiCats to come to the Als. Ham was the veteran QB at that time who mentored AC.
McPherson has a canon of an arm and mobile too.