Comments on Coaching and D. Flutie

The Coaches came up with a great game plan for both the offense and defense to succeed. Not to mention that we were leading this game with a minute to go.

The play calling was very good based on each situation the offense faced. Darren Flutie commented many times on this and demonstrated examples during each replay. The plays that did not work were more related wih player execution than the play call. He also noted the technical side of things with examples of players missing assignments or more often the QB missing the assignment.

I like the way Darren handles himself as a commentator and he often calls players and coaches out when they make mistakes.

I believe that Darren Flutie would make a great coach because he knows the game and he has high expectations of what should be produced on the field and makes good evaluations of what is happening.

What does everyone think about bringing the D. man into town as a coach?

I like it!

I agree, he is good.

I beg to disagree. He's rates a fair.

Dwelling more on the good during the game would sell the game to a wider audience better than routinely nitpicking failures throughout.

Rookie error - He disagrees on air too often with his partner, the play by play dude. (Somebody will straighten him out)


He might not make a bad coach....offensive coordinator maybe?

But I don't like him as a commentator on games; his constant references to players by their first names drives me to distraction...surely not EVERY player is a personal friend of his??? I'm tired of hearing "Jason tried to hit Kamau with that pass but Clifford made a great play to break it up". I"m also sick and tired of Mark Lee's love affair with the phrase "up the gut"...once a game would be fine but not six times per quarter....oh well that's another thread for another day....

what's wrong with disagreeing with your partner when your partner's a moron?

Unhappy moron play-by-play announcers, particularly within CBC, tend to outlast dime a dozen analysts. Very few exceptions.

No offence intended, however I think it's a rotten idea. We have experimented with rookie coaches. We all know how that has worked out for us.

We need guys with coaching experience. Besides, I don't believe Flutie is far enough removed from the Ti-Cats to be a coach. As it stands right now, there are guys on the team that played with Flutie.

OC, but not HC. Remember when Dunnigan jumped on with Stamps as HC... and OC... and GM....... start Darren with OC.

its not too hard to disagree with that shmuck Lee... (and when its about what happens on the play AND Darrin is right, he's got every right to disagree.)

maybe took too much pleasure in being right however... but thats another story... lol

8) Oh I agree wholeheartedly, Mark Lee is just pathetic as a play by play announcer !!! One of the all time worst !! What do you expect from the CBC though ???

That's it bud, sorry, my thought melted, that's what I meant. His approach tends to be in an upstaging way.

I like Darren Flutie as a colour commentator.

Mark Lee just does NOT know football period!!!

Two games now he has flipped out after watching a replay that is decieving,he totally bites on it,yesterday it was a Argo reciever close to a Cat DB ,Lee flips out ,says"OH COME ON ,thats interference" and it was in no way near interferience Marky you J"""A""!!!!IDIOT!