Comments of the STATE OF THE TICATS

  1. Poor play selection . The passes are too short and they still don’t have anyone that can pound the ball in in the red zone
  2. I think it is time to put BARKER in at safety …BEVERIDGE isn’t doing much and comes in too late
    and is not making big hits …another crazy thought would be put put bradley back there with his big hts
    and put gordon back at corner …obviously with import ratio implications
  3. No pass rush …Bring in some NFL cuts that are passrushers . Maybe try Mcyntire at DT ?
    or to improve the offence …put Kirk in at one of the DT spots as he has played as well as the imports .
    Then we can maybe go with an maerican full back like caulley or keith and when we go with a 5 reciever
    set we can have Currie or Mcdaniel or Ball in there insted of Baumann .
  4. I don’t think Floyd is playing so well and not suited for MLB. Barren Simpson is available .
    5 . We need to try someone else on kick returns as Mcdaniel though sure handed is not generating enough…we should try Currie there

The biggest problem with this team right now is play selection . I mean what about a few jump balls to Presche…he is 6 foot 5 and an ex basketball player …also how about utilizing davis speed in a crossing pattern…I think we should give Ball , Currie and Mcdaniel more playing time to see what they have …

The 2knd problem is pass rush
The 3rd is pounding the ball in in the red zone as they ned keith or caulley availabe for this .

The rest of the team is doing pretty well

your a joke !!! You think it's that easy .... Your just a fan not a player or ex player if you are an ex player that's why your an ex player ..

It is just that easy ....Stupid fans get stupid comments ...

Everyone is entitled to their opinion - it is neither right nor wrong. It is never stupid. That's what these forums are about; posting your opinion. If you don't agree with a opinion don't revert to name calling. Take his points and argue them, if you can.

I think some of the points are valid.
I thought the play calling was poor. Find out what doesn't work and stay with it. Just as in years past.
Poor execution.
Lack of 'heart'.
Very poor tackling. Admittedly some of the tackles tried were futile attempts. It is hard to grab a running man from the rear. That's more poor execution a few seconds earlier by someone else.

Well said Geezer

I like the idea of Bradley at safety and Gordon at corner. It's an intriguing one. If Setta does not show any signs of improvement then you go with a NI kicker.

8) Hey, while I don't agree with much of what gerbear9, had to say, or his suggestions, he still has
 every right to give them, without getting replies of that sort from the likes of you !!! <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

If your a player then why are you on a Tiger-cats fan forum?
Shouldn't you be practising?

why is he a joke? he makes some good points,,,probably 4 of them i agree with.

i think the 2nd post on here is more of the joke,,,geez,, it is a football forum right?

In Obie i trust. I think some "adjustments" are just about to be implemented. :thup:

Should be seeing some NFL cut's heading our way too. Would like to see an Import Safety brought in for sure.

Some valid points for sure. The one thing I know this year is that many of our issues appear to be easier to address than previous years.

I acutally think the pass rush is not that bad. We had 3 sacks, a number of hurries and a couple of knock downs. Considering McIntyre and Adams our both out with injuries, I'm pretty happy with the way the front four has played. Generally speaking, the defense played pretty well in Toronto. I wish they could have stopped Robertson sooner a couple of times, but he is a pretty good back, and Jeff Johnson provides some good blocks.

I agree that the play selections could be a little better on offense, although, the biggest issue was just lack of execution. Some balls were dropped, some balls not thrown very well. Kevin Glenn still has the occassional bad release causing the ball to wobble. There was not much of a running game once again, and when there was it was usually the hand off from the shotgun to run between the tackles. We need to do more then this. I did like the direct snap, it worked well. Cobb can do more damage running outside. I think Caulley would be more suited to running in small spaces.

I have not been very impressed with the play of Beveridge at safety. He is not hurting us too much, but also not making any big plays. I prefer to have a safety who can read plays and pick off the occassional floater, more than the big punishing hitter over the middle. That is just my preference. I would love to see an import in this spot, but the ratio must be considered.

As far as kick returns go, I still think McDaniel is doing OK. He usually makes good decisions, and often gets us decent field position by getting past the first tackler. If he could just squeeze past the second guy, he could come up with some bigger returns. It often seems that he is not getting the blocks to come up with the big return. That is not his fault, and won't change with a different returner.


Hey! a least we didn't loose by 45 points! I think the state of the cats is well! if we can improve as much next season as we did this season oh man WATCH OUT!! * not that I'm writing us off or anything:)*

Like I read in Drew Edward's article in today's spec, MB wasn't talking about overhauling our gameplan or anything, because when you think about it, it was idiocy with simple catches, simple plays, etc. that lead to fumbles, 2 and outs and nearly a few INT's and most importantly a 25-22 loss.

So you want an Import safety??

In your post on another topic you wanted an All Import defensive line.
This is the CFL remember. You need to balance the ratio and having a Canadian defensive lineman and safety with the make-up of our roster is required at this time.

My corncern is the lack of offense.
Now I do think Toronto has a under rated defensive team but that 2nd half was tough.
10 catches for Arland for 45 yards....what is up with that?
If you are only averaging 4.5 a catch you may as well run the ball.

8) You are so right !!
 Something has to be done with this offence !!  Some moves have to be made, to shake things up
 a little, because this bogged down offence is our main problem right now  !!!

 Lack of production in the red zone, is defintely a major concern at this point in the season  !!! <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

 And our struggling kicking game this year, is also ringing some alarm bells  !!!!!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

I know you like to use a lot of exclamation marks, Tipper

but do you know what F. Scott Fitzgerald said about them?

"An exclamation mark is like laughing at your own jokes." :oops: :slight_smile: :smiley: :lol: :rockin:

Fair comments "Tipper"......those things are clearly concerning and not to be dismissed.

8) Is that Fitzgerald guy that you refer to Ron, the same Fitzgerald, that used to be the TiCat beat
 reporter for the Spectator, several years ago  ????????    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: --> <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

No, Tipper, but what a coincidence, that beat reporter
was dead set against the overuse of question marks. :smiley:

I think we have a talented offence,I think we need better play calling, perhaps a new offensive coordinator?

I think Marcel is the problem and a change in OC won't bring about a change in philosophy.