Comments in todays paper by Marcus Brady

Man, I didn't realize the TiCats organization was this bad for the players. But at least he says that getting quality people like Marcel here is a big step in the right direction.

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It was all there to be seen, Earl.
Certainly the site cheer leaders tried to cheer it all away, shouting down all the nasty "negativity", hijacking posts etc.etc. but it was all there, people just had to be willing to open eyes and look.

"I dont think I got the greatest opportunity" Good one ,Marcus. :roll:

I think a lot of it, as has been said many times, is that there was not the traditional accountability with a hierarchical structure with the organization that football players, maybe most sports teams, are used to. And this resulted in a lot of the problems. Which is now in the process of changing.

Brady is a talented player who was totally misused by Marshall and Baressi. In the right offence, he could be very effective. He is right to say that his years in Hamilton were wasted ones.

Guy had NO ARM. Sorry Marcus, you had a shot, but you need to work on your deep ball, bud. Also, he does have a point in this team not giving him a chance, because we didn't give him a very good supporting cast.

I forgot about him. That's another reason for me to cheer for BC. As you all may remember, I defended Brady regularly, but the guy is a career back up. Even when he was here it was clear that he was much more successful when he had time to stand on the sidelines and get a read on the defense. He couldn't read the defense on the fly. He struggled with the long ball and blew the chances he did have. He acts like he's lighting up the field there. 4/7 for 45 yards isn't exactly HOF stats. Good luck Marcus.

But for now he is getting the last laugh I suppose and just getting a dig or two in. FOR NOW that is.

Can't really argue with BG's GENERAL ASSESSMENT of MB ... however, I said it at the time, and I maintain the same thing NOW ...

Marcus Brady got SHAFTED by Coach Muleshall in his final game as a Cat ... it was an ABSOLUTE Disgrace when College Guy replaced him with Danny Mac, especially at that stage of the season, and their respective careers.

Overall, as noted above - Marcus has not shown he is Starter material. Good luck, just the same, Marcus. (unlike BG, I MEAN IT )


I mean it...sort of :stuck_out_tongue: I don't generally wish ill-will on anyone MS. You know that. :wink: I actually like the guy (apart from this I just don't think he has what it takes to start.

Marshall not withstanding MTL is now the third CFL organization that doesnt think he's a starter.
Once they only trusted him on third and short but then he botched that late in the season and cost the Als a game and then didnt even risk giving him the ball in the East final in short yardage downs.
Brady is a career backup and even that not an especially good one.
He should feel fortunate he still gets a paycheque.

tictas should sign young jeezy

Too Me he just Bitter about being Cut,

Brady will always be a backup QB in the CFL and that was part of the problem during this season in Hamilton. We were trying to win games with three backups.

Contrary to what he said in his interview, he DID get some chances (although few) to prove himself with the Ticats and he failed miserably.

There comes a point in time where the coach goes to the well once too often when his "first backup QB" is struggling in order to put in his "Second Backup QB" and we definitely reached that stage with Marcus.

He had to go!

No real news here...just another underachiveing player brought in by a equally inept organization (the cats not the als)by the way Marcus the Argos seemed fit to trade you to thier arch rivals ...why did they do that....could it be they were not scared of you comming back to haunt them?.....Ok who's next.....Mr. Yeast is on the clock.......

Marcus would have a stronger case if, after 5 years in the league, he had even one win under his belt. Sadly, he does not.

Hi EXPat: I'm probably wrong, but didn't Brady have a win in the playoffs (for Toronto) the season before he was traded to Hamilton?

I can remember thinking when he came here that he looked promising based on his play in Toronto the previous season and thought he had a win, but I may be all wet.

My recollection is that Brady's sole claim to fame is that he looked really good in a loss to Montreal in the 2003 Eastern final - replacing Damon Allen in a playoff game (imagine that?). I'm not sure what happened in that year's semi-final, but I am certain he never won as a Tiger-Cat.

I am among those who would argue that "looking good while losing" is not enough.

Along the lines of "Danny Barrett would have coached a Western Divisional Champion team IF McCallum hits the gimme FG" ...

Marcus Brady would have WON a road game in Edmonton IF Craig Yeast played with a little MORE pride and professionalism, and laid out to catch Marcus' bomb.

I think the POINT REMAINS - Marcus has yet to prove himself a starting calibre QB.


The "Craig Yeast in Edmonton" myth persists. From where I was sitting (in my living room), if Yeast catches that ball, we have one more shot at the end zone from about the 2 or 3 yard line. Anyone like our chances to punch that in with all the success we've had on short yardage plays these last few years?

I realize the 'MYTH' was a bit of a STRETCH ... but the point was .. Brady was in a position to and was CAPABLE of winning that game.


P.S - Yes I am bored today.