Comments from yesterdays games

Who looked good/ bad. Thoughts. No one watch the game's.

Eskies solid at QB the best in the league. Defense missed McCoil and Grimes.
Lets get some info/dirt on week on play. Possible trades/cuts :thup: :thup: :thup:

If I'm Sask I would be looking for a solid import receiver. I would chat with Montreal about Stafford for maybe a promising imp DB.

Watched snippets here and there when I could and the highlights so can't really comment but excited to be watching CFL football again!

Harder and harder to watch games on TV. We have no cable or internet out here. Have to hot spot from cell to computer to watch but they require a rogers subscription to watch games so we are hooped as no Rogers.

However we have the friendly Pub to bail us out… Nice

Jordan Lynch for Eskimo’s looked terrific. Michell Looked sharp too. Didn’t get a chance to watch Lions 2 QB"S
That will be interesting for sure


Before you crown Reilly the " best ", lets wait till ZC gets back.

Lions QB/s Jennings and Lulay did okay, Jennings stood out a little more than Lulay, some rust but should be okay. Price did nothing but he did not have any help either and McGee just passed off with the 3 minutes he got.

Via that hotspot, try on a Chromebook or Mac and then if you want the big screen experience, try a video adapter or HDMI adapter to your smart TV.

And you can try on a Windows PC too, but I think things are far more tricky with those.

Thanks !! Nice but don't think anyone mentioned Reilly. However now that you mentioned him which team in the league
would not want him today. Not Montreal for sure they have a near dozen or two. Who won MVP in Grey cup.
Sure wasn't Zack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Neither QB looked all that good, so it's tough to really comment on the receivers.

Coleman - poise is good for my taking, but interceptions
Smith - escapes being sacked, otherwise jumpy feet...?

Coleman :thup:

Reilly is the best QB in the league right now. He's like 10-1 in his last 11 starts or something like that.

You indirectly mentioned Reilly.
" Eskies solid at QB the best in the league "
You did not mention his name, but who is the Esk QB ? - Reilly

The GC MVP is a joke. For a second year in a row , they have given it to the winning QB. :roll:
When they should have gone to someone on the D. Both in 2014 and 2015.

tell me, who should have been game MVP

Don't see anyone stand out on either D

Reilly was best O player period.

MVP BLM played like crap in the second half of 2014.
Stamps D won the game.

Esks D, held Ottawa to 6 pts through qtrs 2-3-4.

Besides, lets wait until Labour Day before we start handing out awards. :roll:

Same here. No cable/satellite or internet at home. Just use Bell mobile TV and hook the phone into good computer speakers. May not be the biggest screen, but can still see, with quality sound...