comments from seeing th game live

  1. We got lucky and showed that good teams wins games when they don't play so well
  2. Mcdamiel had the dropsies tonight
  3. We had a lot of bad luck tonight....field goal hits the uprights, dropped passes. challenge turned over our catch, pile waiting for porter on the third down gamble sneak, barker missing that sure interception, shivers unable to pry the ball loose o the argo trick play
    4 our defence was decent //bend don't break ..dennis becoming our best db..shivers was beat alot tonight
    5 mcintyre wa quiet tonight
    6 glenn was not as sharp as usual
    7 we still don't have much of a runnng game especially short yardage though cobb had an ok game overall
    8 offensive game plan was weak
    9 team did not seem up for the game

All I gotta say is this is huge for the momentum going into labor day.They come back with smiles on their faces ready to do it again.Not to mention an oversold IWS to help get the momentum flowing.Thing's are looking good for the Cats :thup:

Also, I like the fact that we're able to win even when we play bad.That's how champs are made :cowboy:

Great game. We have to get our short yardage problems straightened out. It's ridiculous.

We squeaked out a win and it felt great.
I talked to alot of cats at jack astors after the game and they loved the support from all the fans that made the trip.

A few more of my thoughts on the game :

  1. It seems we were playing with one less starting import again with Kirk starting over Long and Matt Carter in as the 5th receiver instead of say a Drisan James or Reggie Fish or David Ball . I hope Long is ready to go for the Labour Day classic

  2. the Ticats seemed to lack any emotion or drive 
  3. The sight lines at the Rogers Centre are terrible and it hard to tell if it was a 2 yard gane or 12 yard gain . At Ivor Wynne I can identify the gain immediatly .
    4 i watched the replay of the game today and i still think Cobb is not up to par and I think every team has a better runningh game and better running back then we do
    5 i noticed jonathon Hood seems to be getting burned alot on specialty teams
    6 I am disappointed with Barker since he has taken over safety . He doesn't seem to beable to catch and the big hits are lacking .
    7 i noticed in general we lack big play ability on defence . We must be at the bottom of the league in interceptions . I still think our defensive backfield is the weakest in the league .
    8 I think we need to brig in an extra american receiver like Ball to come in instead of Carter when we have 5 recieiver sets
    9 We should brigh n some running backs to take a look at based on Cobb's perfromace so afr this year . Better is better right Obie ? :slight_smile:

10 We should try the odd trick play too like Stalla or bruce throwing the ball

  1. Maybe Hewad deserves a start in Shivers spot ?

12 The Argos look liek a much better run team now . Boyd looks good and Lemon will only get better . Pile at safety sure takes away from the passing game and forces teams to run more and more short passes .

13 . that Poter sneak on third down ...It seems that I was not the only one that knew what he was going to do . We need a big back that can get one yard like good old Mark Bragagnolo :slight_smile: He would always get at least one years and only yard even if there was nobody in his way :slight_smile:

  • the amenities at Skydome seriously outclass IWS
  • the sightlines aren't great for football
  • thankfully the roof was open
  • the inbetween whistle activities weren't as annoying
  • no Jason Farr
  • the sound system didn't blast you out of your seats
  • all in all, both cities need to support their teams better. Sell outs should be the norm

People are Picking On Shivers I agree he needs step his game up
Boundary CB is Hardest Spot to play in the CFL Bar None..
If you Remember Tisdale was there last year and had Problems..

The Best players in League you play week after week at this spot..
let give him some support not Break him down.

Id say that's pretty bang on.
I also really liked the music they played. :stuck_out_tongue:

Breaking up the pass in the end zone was a HUGE play. He had very decent coverage on the trick play as well. One millisecond faster I think he breaks up that pass as well. Great hit causing a fumble and always delivers one or two big pops a game. The kid's a gamer. New position for him and he's come a LLOONNGG way since the first few games of the season.

I would like to see Barker helping Shivers out a little more

A WIN IS A WIN !!!!!!!!!!



Hard to help out the DBs when you're blitzing. Not sure this is the case every time, but I've notice a couple of times when Shivers got into trouble, Barker was on the blitz. Prime example, Ralph's catch at the end of the Bombers game that almost cost us the win (although, whether it was Shivers or Tisdale who messed up that one is still up for debate).