Comments From Ex Ti-Cat Taylor Reed

Bakari Grant and Taylor Reed are now Stamps.

TR was on a local sports talk show and made some interesting comments.
Turns out Bo-Levi talked him into joining the Stamps.

First, they are friends. However, Reed said Bo informed him the Stamps organization "treats you like men and the fans in Calgary love the Stamps."

I am someone who tends to read between lines.

I know that the Cats have great fans. I think the best in the CFL. Stuck with the Cats during that long run of poor teams .

Thus the comment about Calgary loves the team is no issue. However, when I hear " those guys treat you like men " a red flag goes up. Am I reading more into this ?

Cat fans, is there a problem in Cat land? Many FA's have jumped from what should be a Cup contender.

Regardless, welcome Taylor Reed. I am sure he will fit right in. After all, he did help us win the 2014 Grey Cup :wink:

You're probably right to be cautious with a comment like that. That Calgary does it doesn't mean that Hamilton doesn't.

I saw a quote from Frank Gore before he went to the Colts. It said only that he wanted to go to a team with an elite quarterback. some thought he was taking a shot at Kaepernick. But the WHOLE comment was "If I'm going to change teams, I want to go to a team that has an elite QB" which sounds far less suggestive.

Maybe Reed has had a bad experience in the past. And if he's going to go to another team, he wants an organization that treats him like an adult. Like Hamilton did.

You are reading too much into it.
Tank Reed was a Practice Roster cut by the Bombers, The TiCats gave him an opportunity, now he is a Stamp