Comments by Lancaster

If Ron would've done the job right in the first place, we wouldn't even be talking about this. Isn't this the Coach who was quoted on National TV prior to the Labour Day game as saying "the way our defence is playing I just hope that Damon doesn't break the record in the first quarter". What does this tell you about the man and the confidence he has in his D? I honestly believe that the guy is bitter and therefore feels a need to gather some support from his players by taking their side on this. By the way, this is the same guy (who played pro ball) who went for it on 3rd and inches when it was 3rd and a couple of yards. That alone speaks volumes.

Ron Lancaster has had a chip on his shoulder for years and he has said a lot of things that a normal thinking person would regret.

One comment I'll never forget was a few years ago, following a loss, Ron was interviewed and to make a long story short, said, "I don't care what the fans think!"

This comment slighted the fans and I've never forgotten it. My immediate response was to write to the Spectator and the Ti-Cats in protest, saying, "As long as the fans are paying his wages, he'd bloody well better care about what the fans think!"

I find that with his return to the bench as interim coach, he has mellowed somewhat and I still see him as a great football mind, with the exception of not knowing when to change his poorly performing starting quarterback.

Marcel Desjardins has been accused by some as speaking out of turn, but he's got nothing on Ron Lancaster's quips, moodiness and barbs over the years.