Commenting on a story

Is there a reason that I would have to join Facebook to leave a comment on a story on the CFL website? Also, how long am I going to have to keep getting that pop up to get CFL emails? I’ve joined it already! The comment that I wanted to make was regarding a fine Bomber player retiring but the comments on the story all had to be about some Stamps fan that wants to hear himself talk.

Be thankfull that poster isn’t allowed on here anymore.


…these are all questions that sully will need to weigh in on, as the site administrator he is really the only one who can answer you…

We use Facebook comments on, and the team sites because the vast majority of Internet users in Canada are permanently logged in to Facebook, plus it’s free. For what little value comment sections bring to a website, the free nature of Facebook comments are basically the only thing that make it worth keeping.

Everyone needs to calm down about the Jeff Stamps thing; it’s become a self-sustaining system where people will complain about him before he’s even commented on an article. He can be irritating in his fandom and we’ll try to moderate it down some.

Sometimes you can’t even view all the comments without logging into Facebook.

That’s annoying.


Comments are back on 3DownNation. God help us, comments are back

Unfortunately, they also use Facebook as the only option for participating.

Which means I will not be participating. I don’t need my FB friends seeing my CFL-related comments, nor do I need my CFL-related comments to be accessible to anyone who Googles my name.

As many of us realize today, and most of us will realize at some point in the future, minimizing your personal digital footprint is a good thing.

VERY, very well said. Thanks for your great view.