There is a certain announcer on TSN that I really can't stand. I can't help but feel that he doesn't really know anything about the sport. Here is a hint as to whom he might be. His initials are R.B. and he sometimes does the commentating for Figure Skating, he has dark hair. I think most of you know who I'm talking about.

So i have a question.

Who is everyones favorite TSN Commentator and their least favourite.

We've probably been over this, but, yeah, Black is awful. He actually got worse as the year progressed. Seriously.

Duane Ford - hard to tell, since he's saddled with Black, there's a lot of stupidity that is gonna get splashed on you. He's better than any of Walby, Danny Mac or Khari as a colour guy. This is an aside, but Danny Mac surprised me last year, and not in a good way. We ended up getting to spend some time close to Danny Mac while a game was on tv - he was just watching, like we were. He was the brightest, best spoken guy I've ever heard talk about a game on tv. He noticed neat things that the average guy would not, identified things away from the ball, even so far as to predict what was going on outside the camera frame (in coverage or whatever) based on what he could see on the screen and his own pre-snap reads - and the times they panned wide on replay, he was startlingly accurate. Throw in with all of that a friendly demeanour and a natural ability to make things sound simple without making you feel dumb, and I'd have bet my house he'd be a natural as a colour guy. But put a mike in front of him and he turned into mumbles the marble-mouth, spewing cliches and other inane factoids. A shame really, as the potential seemed enormous.

Cuthbert and Suits are the best crew TSN has. Some people can take or leave Suits, and he's had a couple off moments this year - I have to believe he got a new spotter or producer or something that's feeding him poorer info into his ear - but all in all he adds to the broadcast. They both do, and that certainly can't be said of many CFL coverage teams in the past.

unfortunately, no one is in ronnies league, but tied for second are dunigan and schultz, following by jock and dave. I dont pay much attention to the rest of them.

I laughed out loud this weekend at "RB" :wink:
He said, there is a flag in the secondary! That means there will be a penalty against either the offence.......or the defence!

He must have stayed up late the night before studying. :roll:

the problem I have with these guys, all 4-5 of them is that they are bad on giving out details that are important to the fans.

they don't ever say at the start of the game who won the coin toss, and what they chose.

they have a hard time often during the game of telling us what the call is for a penalty.

there's too much discussion just for the sake of not having dead air time.

They keep second guessing themseslves on calls and plays.

the NFL guys may be boring but they're to the point, factual and they make the listener aware of what is going on in the game for the entire time it is on the air.

the guys who do CFL games do a lot of talking and they are very theoretical and they always miss things.

Black is the worst. constantly messes up, saying 1 thing when it's cleary another on the field.

best example so far?

the Sask vs Cgy game. he said that Calgary got a single off a punt but you can clearly see the referee walking up the sideline watching the referee having him walk up, OUT of the endzone.

the guy should not be there.

they need to do more stuff like show the measurements, tell us things factual about the game and what happens rather then have discussions about the dumbest inconsequantial bs.

I really dont like Rod Black.

Remember quite a few years back, David Archer, who at one time was the QB during the U.S. expansion era and played for Sacramento? Then he went back to play and either did really poorly or did something that made him fall from grace.

Anyone remember that and what happened that he was no invited to the braodcast booth?

I thought he was pretty good.

Ha! I remember a similar one on a penalty during the course of a big play "this is either gonna stand....or come back!" Well, shucks. Thanks, Rod.

Another one I remember was a Winnipeg game, Serna was punting....Black goes: "...Serna booms one" and it was an absolute shank. It's like he's got this inventory of stock statements that just come out regardless of the actual play.....

Oh, and thinking of this reminds me of a Walby moment Jock Climie had a few weeks ago, where he actually said "overneath"!

There is not really much to choose from now for a favourite or least favourite.. now that TSN had exclusive coverage. The best thing to happen was that all those CBC idiots are gone.. save for Benefield, who TSN should have picked up. Although there was never a better combo than Wittman/Lancaster. Cuthbert and Suitor are best team, and Forde outshines Black in every game that they do. Maybe TSN should try Brian Williams with PBP, he wasn't too bad when he did Jays games for the CBC in the early 90's.

The only problem I have with Forde is that his voice is sooooooo boring, it lulls me to sleep. Black is just an idiot and should stick with the idiot game of baseball. I actually liked Danny Mac. Suitor I can take or leave, but Cuthbert is alright.

My biggest beef is when for example there's a kickoff, the returner runs it out so say the 40 yard line, and then TSN goes to commercial. When they come back from the commercial break, the team has it on their own 10 yard line with no explanation of the penalty or what happened on the kickoff.

This happens regardless of who the play by play or colour people are.

I know exactly what you mean. It is as if they didn't even know they went to a commercial brake and kept talking as if we were still listening.

Glen Suitor is the most knowlegdeable and gives insights into the game, strategy and emotional aspects of the game.
Cuthbert is a pro and is very good.
Black is not a football announcer and should go.
Forde is ok but does not have a commanding tv voice unfortunately.
Steve Armitage is ok but gets too dramatic sometimes with his deep booming voice.
As for the panel- climie is good , dunnigan is emotional which adds a different dimension, the ex-bomber lineman talks waaaay too much, too wordy and rambles on 100 mph , the host is good and makes me laugh sometimes.
As for the past, Ronnie was excellent, Whittman was another pro dearly missed, and most of the ex-players were busts.
They all reminded me of Peter Mahovolich- ex- NHL-er who was brought in very briefly but was a real bust too for NHL games years ago.
Suitor is the best because of his enthusiasm for the CFL and his insights as an ex-player articulated well on the air. Like him or not he is always enthusiastic never boring and not afraid to state his opinion about missed calls by refs or questionable calls by coaches. :rockin:

ZI don;t really care for any of the game time commentators. none of them are good a detailing a play as it unfolds or calling things on the field. but i will give them some props when it comes to analyzing after wards. they at time do make good arguements. they are much better suited at analyzing what has haened after the game. i think that the tsn needs new commentatos that have knowledge of the canadian game and the ability to call it as it unfolds. telling stories or guessing what hapened is just awful to listen. t is honestly the worst art of watching any tsn broadcast.

I know it would never happen, but I would like TSN to give Jim Hughson a try. He does hockey and baseball, but he does his research on each game, and each player, and he isnt' boring at all. His analogies and comments make sense, and he isn't afraid to ask his color guy a question if he doesn't understand something. He is very smart. Right now, of any major sport, he is the best announcer by far.

Rod Black is terrible, and it is easy to see why he is teamed up with D. Forde. I suspect they teamed the two of them up so they can make the change next year, they didn't want to ruin two teams. I truly hope Forde is gone, he can't talk, loses track of which quarter they are in, even heard him call a play by player from a team that wasn't playing . Wouldn't doubt him and Rod are playing twitllewinks or x and o in the booth.

Rod surprised me during the game between Sask and Hamilton. He actually sounded some what knowledgable and some what good beside Suitor. Now is that an indication of how good Suitor is that he can bring up Blacks game or is it an indication of how terrible Forde is. I suspect it is a bit of both.

Christ Cuthbert would probably be my favourite commentator. Forde's voice annoys me, and Black... Well, I think everyone has covered him sufficiently. Glenn Suitor is all right. I like it when he explains plays, like he did tonight with Hamilton's #48. He explained how some times that can be used to trick a team but that #48 probably missed his assignment. That kind of stuff is cool. But some times he can remind me of the rain man with the way he repeats himself.

My favourite guy on the TSN panel is probably Schultz, followed by Dunnigan.

When I become a broadcaster you guys won't have to listen to Black. I seriously want to become a broadcaster

Remember quite a few years back, David Archer, who at one time was the QB during the U.S. expansion era and played for Sacramento? Then he went back to play and either did really poorly or did something that made him fall from grace.

Anyone remember that and what happened that he was no invited to the braodcast booth?

I thought he was pretty good.

Yes, he was good. But in one of his last games in Edm he lost it and gave the finger to the fans booing him. I think that left a sour note in the minds of the networks and probably Archer also. The last I heard he was doing colour for the Atlanta Falcons TV broadcasts. Too bad, I thought he could of made it.

One of the best football analysts, who is often overlooked and perhaps forgotten is Frank Rigney. I think he was on CTV, but I feel he was the best analyst/colourman ever doing CFL broadcasts.

I have to go with Glen Suitor simply because at times it seems like he is the only one trying to be a pro.

About the CBC guys I didn't mind them.The only one I wanted gone was Chris Walby because he was so bias when he announced a game.If the refs called a bad penalty against any team but Winnipeg he was always its part of the game but if he was announcing a Winnipeg game and the refs called a cheap pentalty on the Bombers he whined and cryed about it for the rest of the game.I'm glad TSN didn't hire him.