OK after seeing the Laurel & Hardy of Commentators (Black & Petterson)

Cuthbert & Suitor are By far tops, I wasnt sure about Cuthbert at the start but he is doing a great Job..and Suitor? very professional unbiased analysis
( Hello Walby!!) and the fact he warned about Morgan coming off the corner before that blocked kick was just too freaky deaky!!!

I think Danny Mac & Benefield should retire at the end of the season and join some type of CBC or TSN analysis team.. Especially TSN after witnessing those 3 stooges week after week.

Benefield would be an excellent commentator. When he played in BC a few years ago, he hosted a cable show about football. He is very well spoken and would do a great job!

Glen Suitor is a total moron the only reason you like him is because he still wears his green and white jersey when he announces. He is a bigger homer the the guy named Homer Simpson! He is pathetic!

We are sure lacking in quality commentators. R&W2005 doesn’t like Suitor, I don’t like Pettersen and Walby. How difficult is it to find retired players to do the job?

I like the commentators that are doing th CBC games recently

Silence and Quite

Actually...I kind of like it too. Like being at the game live.

Cuthbert was my favorite Hockey announcer at the CBC, and I liked him for CFL games too. I don't watch many games on TSN, but Cuthbert would still be my choice for Play-by-play anyday.

Colour seems to be a tough job to fill, and obviously won't please everyone on a national network

Back it up with words of proof...oh dang I forgot you cant ...should be an interesting slide show though...maybe you can use power point? :lol:

You do not like my posts Dentor gee hit a nerve did I. Move along son you bother me!

Yup... the Gifs are getting old and so are the Rider Pot about football instead of trash talking... you cant make a written valid point so the basis of your replys are animating Gifs.
If you cant say something nice then STFU .....

Hey was that nice! Thats face it when the Riders were sucking big time many of the rider fans had to tape up their ankles. Not only that have you heard Suitor when he does a Rider game! You need to open your ears man.
Just maybe you need something to dry your tears!

Where have I been rider bashing they bash themselves!

Hahahaha I see now why Chewy said those things he did about you....You are a Troll.. Rider & Stamp fans should be united against the evil nemesis Edm. but you are too busy knocking us down with every post you make....I throw some smack back at you and you start crying because you cant take what you dish out.

Gee Dentor I do not see where you think I am crying. I am not the one crying here. As far as bashing Rider fans I do not believe I have done that. I suggest you take the magical tour at Rider for Rider bashing. I critisized the Edmonton coach for taking the head set off and shaking hands before the game was over. I see the post I made about the parade! See Turkeybends post and see why. You know I do not have to prove why a lot of CFL fans dislike some of the rider fans you just proved it for me. I believe there are lots of good rider fans out there and you are not one of them. There you go Billy Soup add another to the list. As far as Chewy situation I believe we have got past that and I will show him the respect he deserves. You do not! Crying ya right! What is Suitor your friend you go on dates!

I see no reason for this to continue I made my point and you disagree..and BTW since you like pictures I am sure you know what this means as I used it before.


Take a page from classy Stamp fans from Like Red&white and Eskylo...this is the last response I'll make to you directly or anyone of your posts.... Over & Out and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks Dentor, I again apologize if there was something I said that may have ticked you off. I personally do not like how Suitor commentates. Again take care.