Comment on TSN. regarding Printers..what do u think..

"Jason Maas anyone????? This is simply another case of look with no substinance. Maas was great in Edmonton, sucked in Hamilton and the same will happen here with Printers. Why you ask? You're only as good as the talent around you and, like in the case of Edmonton with Maas, the talent Printers had in BC helped him shine like he did. Printers will soon regret the day he EVER signed in Hamilton, unless by some miracle, they actually get some talent to surround him but at $500K a year over 3 years, don't count on it. Hamilton is going to continue to be the doormats they are and have been."

That is a comment I seen someone write on the site, now basically i'm u think this will be another Jason Maas experiment, or do u think this one will work out, i am so punped for Printers but at the same time, it coems down to the talent around u..we have the backfield,Wrs, we juz need 2 improve our Oline and well obviously our secondary is Atrocious.but in the end I think our offence will b deadly, printers lumsden armstead ralph get rid our of haha cuz im definetely not crazy over Mike Working

I don't think the secondary is as bad as everyone thinks it is. We need to do a better job getting to the QB, weather its making sacks, getting hits or getting hurries. QB's against us have had way too much time to find receivers. No DB can cover for 5 or 6 seconds and if the QB get out of the pocket they're between a rock and a hard place. We need to find another DE to help Mckay. We have players in the secondary they just need some help up front. A good pass will beat good coverage anyday.

i hope this isn't another band aid solution because a lot of fans will buy into this hope as all that we need to do to become competitive again.
we HAVE to improve on our coaching we need an experienced O/C . casey as talented as he is, like maas like chang is only 1 player and there is still a lot more that needs to be done.

I'm counting on the guy being wrong. In the short term we may not be that much better but I think Printers is the real deal and will be a real leader and want people to perform well and come here. The qb is the main, not only but main, leader on a team, the offense for sure, and this guy has it I think. I think he wants to win so badly and play, that's why he is coming back to the CFL and not wait for an NFL invite for a 3rd string position. I think he is motivated to show a few people, maybe some out there in BC, he is the real deal.

The team hasn't helped Maas much, but a lot of his problems were of his own doing. His arm stength was questionable, not great at avoiding the rush. Poor decisions at crucial times, too many dropped balls.
Didn't seem to handle pressure too well.

Maybe a change of scenery would be the best thing to happen to him. Anyway, I wish him all the best.

Maas was never MVP, and Pritners hasn't had to play with a shoulder injury and surgery as Maas has.

Will the Ti-Cats be as good as Printers' Lions team? No. Not yet, anyway.

Is Printers a better QB than Maas or Chang? I think so. So it is an improvement.

I believe it is time for some continuity. The much maligned O-line needs to be healthy and together for several weeks, ditto for the secondary though I think tweaking is still needed there.

Obviously, BC was a much better team.I may be naive but I think we have a good coach, staff, and very good young Canadian talent at both receiver and o-line.

But I said it Tuesday, we need to sign Jesse to an extension a.s.a.p. Lock him down and barring injury we will at minimum a 500 team in the next 3 years. With a couple of the young guys progressing we could be very good even later this year and definitely next year.

The question is how much money is left to make Jesse want to stay? Hopefully, Casey can convince Jesse to stay as well considering his own NFL experience.

Jesse's time is gone for the NFL I think, he never was drafted in the first place so no scout has anything on the line with him. And lets face it, he wouldn't be better than what drafted guys are down there. With Printers here and what looks to be a promising future for the Cats, look for Jesse to stay here.

I think you hit the nail on the head with this post. I have always thought that Hamilton's secondary has a lot of talent, what with Cody, Anderson, Gordon.....heck you've got a former allstar, Karikari, playing backup. Get a decent pass rush going which the Cats have NOT had this season, and the secondary will look darn good.

I had started a similar thread to this questioning the same thing but it got morphed into another thread by the mods burried so I will go again -
Maas was brought in with great uproar similar to this because he passed for 5000yards for one season and lead a team to a Grey Cup yet was not good enough to start that game or the following year. Printers the same - yes MVP but did not play the full season and took team to Grey Cup but not good enough to start or start next year (decision made by one of the most successful coaches in the league). And now unable to make a NFL squad (Dickenson did). So when he fails here is it because of him like Maas or something else. Printers can not make the line protect better or have a receive get open and costs a heck of a lot more. And does ego play a factor - what will he be like in the locker room and how long will he really be around.Not convinced this will change a thing and almost consider it a step back. This team has to stick with the same personel and allow them to gel and allow the coaching staff to develop schemes around them and not fit the players in the schemes. Until there is a form of consistency there will be no end to the losing no matter who is playing.

Maas sucked here because he was injured, enough said.

Perhaps more players will want to sign here, now that Printers is at the helm?

Which is the most salient point of the thread so far... :wink:

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