Comment made During Riders game last week

I was saddened when, during the game, a spectacular play was made, everyone applauded the cameras zeroed in on the player, the comment made destroyed the whole scenario, "Black lives matter, we just want respect", To this point I have heard no response from the team or the league on the statement so I wonder, are they ignoring it, hoping it wasn't heard, are they taking action to prevent future comments like this, or is it just ok with the league. I love the CFL and don't want to see it become a platform for hate mongering.

I think you might have the wrong game but the right statement. Anybody can correct me if I'm wrong but I'm thinking that it was the Als-Argos game where that player made that sideline comment. I do know that it was definitely an Alouette player who uttered it into the camera and I'm also pretty sure that the player in question was none other than that darling lovely boy Moron Carter............who in case you haven't heard........Is the son of NFL HOF Chris Carter :roll:

Carter is a moron, no doubt. A very talented moron, but a moron nonetheless.
However, how is what he said racist?
Players yelling out the N-word all the time... Now thats racist

Yes it was motor mouth "Moron Carter" - he will probably admit afterwards that he only said it because he had a concussion

If you go to the 4 minute mark on this video you will hear something that is much worse.

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I believe you're right.

Imagine that, our one-post CFL lover got the actual game in which this upsetting event took place wrong. :roll:

What will tomorrow's single post CFL lover call him (or her) self? Tune in to find out!

My ears hear Copeland yell

" we the champs DIG IT ? "

I do not think it is the word you are thinking.

I listened to it a few times. I think it is dig it.

Dig it....lmao

Well listen to it again and you tell me it could not be.

Ah... No, No and no...

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Well a recorded tv in someone's living room is hard to make out clear sometimes.

Actually your post is closer to hate mongering then the sideline comment. Not a racist comment, but your reaction to it is.

I can tell that you are a good person because you want to see the best in everyone
You and Kevin Riley should be friends

I'm not following this. That blog is from 2008. How is it relevant to the discussion? Is it supposed to prove that you did NOT hear "dig it"?

Disagree. Political agendas don't belong at the workplace / cfl field.

Obviously Lane has a political agenda.

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Bungle is suggesting Copeland used the N word.

On tv it might have been. I thought it might be dig it.

The words sound similar. It does not sound clear on the tv.

He is comparing it to what was said last week , or whatever game it was.

Stating what Copeland said was worse.

I was giving Cope the benefit of the doubt.

Bungle then found a blog indicating he did use the N word.

I will say when Cope played for the Als / Stamps, he was a loose cannon.

When he got to Toronto, he cleaned up his act.


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