Commemorative ticket

So word on the street is they're sold out? How can that be? Did they overlook the fact people who spent a good chunk of thier hard earned money will want a keepsake and made like 1000 of them as opposed to the amount of actual tickets sold? Hope they make more


Yup I tried to buy one yesterday at the ticats store and they were sold out. Absolute joke that they didn't print more in anticipation. They better be making more.

Right? What did they print... 50? And why did they sell them to people who didn't spend a ton on their ticket and have no option to have a keepsake for it.

Printers make some good duplicates if you get a copy of one.

So, just looking through my cfl memorabilia. I have a beautiful keepsake ticket from the 2019 Grey Cup in Calagary. However as a long time season ticket holder in Hamilton, all I get is a QR code.

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