Command Centre Wrong Again

Command center continues to make league look bush league.

Meanwhile Ambrosie is like…how many people in Switzerland might tune into a game one day…


yeah…I agree. He had it locked between lower and upper arm. yeah, it hit the ground, but it really didn’t look like it came free at any point. At minimum, I don’t see how the call would be overturned…same goes if it was called no TD

Sometimes I think that this is the technology used in the Command Centre.

A terrible backup? How do you figure that Kilgore is a terrible backup? INT’s all game and he put a 50 yd. pass right on the money when it was crunch time. His 2nd half performance last week was far from shabby as well. He’s had two starts and he’s already looking like he’s got things under control. Give him a few more and he’s liable to unseat Harris for good at some point if he sticks around. Harris ain’t all that IMHO.

I can just hear the command centre now: “it’s Ottawa. Lets make sure we screw them over as per usual?

Yeah, I’m sure that’s true. I haven’t been over there in a long time. I was just thinking of the people on here.

For reviews, doesn’t the command centre review at game speed.
The idea that they are looking at a call at the same speed as the refs.

Not sure if this is for all calls, but I am pretty sure I heard Suitor say at some point, that is how the reviews are made.

I think it depends on the nature of the call. To judge inbounds or not or breaking the plane for example, I’m rather sure they slow it down.

Yeah, you guys are right. It’s all just human error and fallibility…Funny, the only other people allowed to keep their jobs after making that many mistakes are politicians, weathermen and lawyers.

anyone watching MNF? Perfect example of their replay system failing

Replay is broken everywhere

Ha! Artificial intelligence can’t get here soon enough.

They moved one of the officials into the offensive backfield to add a second set of eyes to look for illegal hits on the QB. They gave the Command Centre the ability to call missed roughing the passer penalties. And somehow they allowed a turnover on a fumble to stand in the Bombers/Riders game even though the fumble was the direct result of a hit to Streveler’s helmet.

How do they keep missing these things?

Maybe they don’t.

It did happen in Calgary and cost Beggelton a touchdown record and probably cost the Stamps a win vs Montreal. I don’t believe they will ever overturn a call that is the least bit close. That catch was made above his head, had the ball all the way to the ground. Ball was knocked off his chest while he was lying on his back. How come a running back only has to get the tip of the ball over the goal line. I know it’s a different situation but just shows how silly some of the rules are.

I’d actually like to see a replay of this with another angle if anyone has it. The one I saw in the highlights looks like he hit his shoulder, but it was not a great angle…directly from behind the defender. Hard to say from that angle…but it is reviewed and I don’t recall MOS out screaming about it…and he loves to scream.

about 3 minutes in:
but like I said…bad angle.

Both replays show Leonard coming in with his arms raised before hitting Streveler, but it is inconclusive where he hit him due to the angles. The second replay, however, shows Streveler’s head immediately pitching away from the hit. Had he been hit in the shoulder first, I’m thinking that his head would have pitched forward rather than away.

And yes, I was surprised that no one complained about the hit. Especially Streveler, who looked a bit dazed, actually. I was also surprised there was no concussion protocol on the play. Maybe it was just frustration rather than being dazed?

Pretty normal for being hit…doesn’t indicate much.

Maybe he wasn’t hit in the head so they didn’t kick it in. I really have a hard time believing that MOS would not have exploded.

The official moved into the O backfield is the Umpire and has no mandate to cover the QB. Coverage (protection) of the QB is still exclusively the Head Referee’s responsibility.