Command Centre Wrong Again

What was the CC thinking on NOT overturning the call on late game Edmonton touchdown?
No way the receiver had control of ball and the ball hit the turf. 2 obvious reasons for overturning!
Brutal! So bush league!

Ottawa gets hosed by officials again. Don’t get me wrong the REDBLACKS have not played well this season and don’t deserve to be in the playoffs this season. But, time and time again a major call seems to always go against this team. Very disheartening to be in the stands and fans are wondering how the team is going to get screwed over this game. Command centre is supposed to fix “bad” calls on the field. Instead they seems to just reinforce it.

Are you surprised ? Start taking notes on which teams continually get hosed. There is a pattern !

What was the CC thinking on NOT overturning the call on late game Edmonton touchdown? No way the receiver had control of ball and the ball hit the turf. 2 obvious reasons for overturning! Brutal! So bush league!

I thought it was a catch for sure, after reviewing many many times. However, let’s say the control center ruled no catch. Edmonton kicks the field goal and still wins.

Or misses that field goal!
No way it was a catch.
Didn’t even have full control and when he did, ball had hit turf and he was totally out of bounds.

Agreed. They bring more controversy to the review process than clarity!

Kinda wish they did what rugby does and show what the actual reviewers are looking at and verbally address why they ruled .

Will try to find it somewhere but the world rugby televised it and I thought eureka that’s exactly what is needed in the CFL command centre .

It doesn’t seem hard technically and the fan is then given something to not just watch but understand why the ruling was made . It was more entertaining than watching players and coaches pace up and down and the odd slow mo where the announcer is trying to make the call .

I found it kinda entertaining in a small way when done so well with verbal information and great HD quality detail .


Ottawa was in field goal range at the end of the game, but needed the touchdown and ended up turning the ball over on downs. If Edmonton had settled for a field goal, Lewis Ward would have come out to send the game into overtime.

Would Ottawa have won in overtime? Probably not. But the blown call meant that they didn’t have that chance.

I don’t believe that anybody on this board has gathered the evidence for a valid statistical study of the subject. “Anecdotal” evidence doesn’t count for diddly squat.


I think it’s fair to say that every single team has on at least one occasion this season felt the same way.

I don’t feel the CFL is picking one team over any other … but the CFL has big issues with consistency and with the eye in the sky. We have games where they call in to hold the play while they review the most obscure technical infraction that no one saw … yet miss or not overturn the most obvious plays.

Let’s just say that if it had happened to Calgary, the call would have been overturned.

Officials and CC are not biased.

They’re just really bad at their jobs.

It counts for everything, Baltic, if you’re a conspiracy theorist. :smiley:

Absolutely … it is whichever of the 9 CFL teams a particular fan cheers for.

lol Ottawa had a play earlier in the game where their receiver clearly did not have control of the ball when he caught it and it hit the ground. Play was ruled a complete catch and every replay after that showed the catch from another angle so the viewer couldn’t see that it was actually incomplete. Good old TSN.

Whether that specific play is a catch or not depends on the written rules. If the player catches the ball and maintains control and does not juggle the ball while falling to the ground (which is exactly what happened here with the Edmonton player) AND part of the ball hits the ground AND the player still maintains control (which again is what happens on this play) AND the rule states that as long as the player maintains control than it is a catch…well than it is a catch.

If the CFL rule book specifically states that a play in which a player maintains control of the ball as he hits the ground BUT a part of the ball hits the ground is not a catch then the ball is not a catch and that specific play was called incorrectly by the command centre EXCEPT…

Would the receiver hitting the ground out of bounds play a role in the the ruling? IS that discussed in the rule book specifically OR is it up to interpretation? If you watch the video closely, as the player was falling to the ground, first one of the players legs which had landed in bounds, slides across the back goal line AND his knee hits the ground (out of bounds) slightly before the ball hits the ground while the receiver maintains control. Is there something in the rule book that specifically discusses this scenario OR is it again up to interpretation.

It is pretty hilarious listening to people talking about how Ottawa has been screwed “yet again.” Objectively, Ottawa is a terrible team and if they were even remotely decent they would have taken advantage of a struggling Edmonton team playing a terrible backup and not allowed the game to be decided by one play. Play well and you take the game out of the hands of the officials.


Every team’s fans think their team is being singled out for unfair treatment. Kind of hilarious, actually.

I think it was last year (maybe the year before) that there were about three games where the league admitted to officiating mistakes that may have cost the Tiger-cats the game. As Ticat fans, we were upset about it, angry even. But I don’t recall anyone saying that it was some kind of a conspiracy against our team. More like, “Well, once again an official’s screw-up cost us a game!”

You should spend more time on the Ticats board. The decades-long, league-wide, media-complicit, anti-Ticat conspiracy is pretty close to an accepted fact over there, other than a few of us who poke fun at the notion.

Yeah, I think every team has a subsection of fans who think the league’s out to get them. Not representative of the whole fanbase, of course, but they are very vocal.

I am not.


I cling to the belief that one should never put down to malevolence that which can be adequately explained by simple incompetence.