Command Centre reviews

The league seriously must change or make a policy on what is reviewed and when. In the Ottawa/Edmonton game the panel reversed their own decision, in Ottawa’s favour. The end result was they did get the call right but, and this is a big but. The reversal came only after the replays were shown in the stadium and after the fans voiced their disapproval.

The problem is that by doing so, they essentially gave Ottawa a second challenge and allowed the home crowd to affect the decision.

The league should make a ruling that no play can be replayed on the scoreboard prior to the next series being ruled in. Yes the call was made right in the end, but do you think that had the visiting team been the ones hurt by the wrong call that the fans would have screamed for a change.

The control has yet another black eye on this one.

Trying to pass a new rule that stadiums can’t show plays in a way that might lead people to disagree with the command centre is not going to happen. It screams ‘cover up our mistakes’ and only invites more criticism.

I don’t know if I understand how anyone could have an issue with how this turned out. Sure, they missed it at first - a result of trying to hurry up the decision to keep the game flowing and the human factor of being able to simply miss something. Then more information came to light and the correct ruling was issued. What’s the problem?

eskimos lost :slight_smile:

When reviews first started and the ruling was made on the field, they were not allowed to show the replay until after the ruling because…and this is straight from the league…They did not want the ref to be influenced by the crowd. Well if you admit that your people can be influenced by the crowd…you have a giant problem!

I have an issue with it
While I have said that getting it right is the most important thing…and they did get it right, the end does not justify the means!

This was a turn over and turnovers are subject to automatic review…It was a scoring play…also subject to automatic review…well what were they reviewing?

The first thing they should have looked at was the fumble and there was indisputable evidence that Harris was down! Why did they not rule it as down?

Then as pointed out…after the crown booed (and the crowd will always boo when a call goes against them) they decided to look at it again! Its not like a new angle was suddenly made available, they were influenced by the crowd!

Now…what about that catch in the endzone by Edm. I don’t remember who caught it but the announcers were calling it the catch of the year.

they sent it upstairs for review.

Again, it was the right call but there has to be indisputable evidence and there simply was not. You never actually saw the ball touch the ground…Yeah I’m positive it did but by rule, you have to see it , not assume that based on where the visible part of the ball is that it had to have touched the ground

AGAIN, The end does not justify the means

I thought they reviewed any TD when it was from a turnover. That one did take a long time though.

They change rules so much I don’t even care anymore. Let’s go back to the good ole days. Call it or not and move on…I enjoyed games in the 60s, 70s,80s and 90s when they didn’t have all this review crap.We lived with the ref’s decision, plain and simple…Next play.

...or in the case of Balticfox, the 10s, 20s, 30s and early 1840s...

Good one Red. ;D

Aren’t the plays reviewed by the Command Centre in Toronto? How would they be influenced by the crowd? I know western crowds can be pretty loud, but…

They are reviewed in Toronto

All I can say is when they showed it on the scoreboard, the crowed booed and they announced a further review…Maybe the on field refs spoke with the command centre

I disagree

I want the right call and I don't care how long it takes to get there

The problem is that the refsare becomingmore and more incompetent every year and the command centre is just as bad

How do they get the calls wrong so often when the can replay it backwards and forwards frame by frame as many times as you want

Every year it gets harder and harder to argue that the refs are not biased

There was a review of the TD and then a review of the fumble - not sure why they may have not got the sequence or why there was a delay but ascribing it to crowd noise is pure speculation as we have no idea what IF any communication or sound from the field occured around this pair of reviews.

As for the catch, it clearly was trapped on the ground under the defending player at one point. The receiver’s hand is NOT under the ball at that point it is beside it.

Any perception of bias is in the eye of fan bias, or more precisely - imagination.

I have never yet had reason to suspect one bit of “bias”.

There was a review of something.....and it was announced that the TD was confirmed! They then announced after further review bla bla bla

The fumble should have been the first thing they reviewed because if it is not a fumble the TD is moot If they reviewed the TD first...the only thing it confirms is their incompetence

You never see the ball touching the ground because the defender blocks your view..I do believe that it was trapped but there is no overwhelming evidence that it was

Not true...In many games I and I am sure many fans have no bias because the outcome does not affect their team and I see reason to suspect bias in almost every game I watch....and I watch them all

or incompetence take your pick

Being there live it was clear he didn’t have the ball . To not turn that over and call it right would have hurt the product your selling .

The ruling and corrections have improved and it means in Ottawa people are returning to watch the product .

I commented once before last year two calls were reversed that were obviously wrong . This is the most important part of the game the integrity . People want to see it .

The CFL getting it right yesterday was important if you want people to travel with a power outage after a major storm under bad circumstances .

The CFL game yesterday was worth the struggle and a big thanks that the CFL actually looked at what happened and GOT IT right .

If the command center is influenced enough by fans booing to re review a play - we have a bigger problem

I think they got the call right as Harris was down. Maybe in their rush to call it they only looked at the film from the point of the ball being picked up vs if it was even a fumble to begin with …

Again, my concern is not with the call or the end result, the RedBlacks deserved the win and I don’t believe the call would change that. What concerns me is that by allowing the replay to be shown to the crowd and then letting the crowds reaction influence the review panel, it gives an unfair advantage to the home team. Ottawa did not have a challenge but as it turns out they did, except it was the fans that influenced the challenge.

I don’t think that the home team needs an additional advantage and by showing the replay, they received that advantage.

Simply put, by not allowing the replay to be shown until after the ruling is confirmed, it takes away any advantage or perception of advantage.

I would question whether if the ruling had gone the other way, first whether the replay would have even been show and whether the control room would have gone back to look at the fumble after they had already ruled on it.

No question he was down. But it sure is odd that they re-reviewed after the booing...and if they only looked at it from the point it was picked up...then they are incompetent

Both aspects te fumble and the score are automatically reviewed.Ottawa did not get a second challenge but if you want to lookat it that way...any autoreviewgives someone an extra challenge

They did review, got it wrong, then they appeared to have been influenced by the crowd in initiating the second review.

Once again, it is not the review that I question, it is allowing the replay to be shown and then re-reviewing the play based on the fans reaction or so it appeared on the telecast. Perhaps it was just a coincidence.

The simple fact remains, if they do not allow the replays to be shown in the stadium, the perception of whether the home crowd and/or the persons controlling the scoreboard had any influence would not be there.

Yes I know...I have been agreeing with you

I don't agree with you there. Home field advantage is home field advantage and every team has it 50% of the time. I paid for my ticket I want to see the replay while it is being reviewed...Don't give me another reason to stay home and watch for free

Fix the problem of crappy refs and command centre...don't punish the fans