Command Centre replacements

I think that with the response we are getting from our fan base regarding this past weeks annual oooops and annual apology we should amp up our concerns. They do follow important games that directly affected our seasons results. We could have been so much closer to Trestmans team and a playoff berth. The team on the field knew they had this one!
For the past couple of seasons we have raised our concerns only to illicit an apology and the CFL decision makers exhale after we forget about the injustice and start our complaining following the next game.
I think enough is enough.
Let's collectively put some pressure on the powers that be to see that these clowns are run out of town once and for all.
We have all found glaring mistakes have been made and upon further review........
We cannot put total blame on the on field crew every time, after all they must act upon the CC decision.
A proposal has already been put forth on replacements.
I see this as good business.
Perhaps we have Forde and Suitor assume the silent CC duties as they are each representing an offensive and and a defensive take on the review.
We still have a well known colour crew to carry on with our game day commentary.

Burris - he knows everything...

Maybe this is a place for our Stefan Ptaszek

Burris only knows after it happens and if it affects him personally, especially if he can claim that it proves he turned around yet another franchise. If they were to hire Ptaszek, would they have to hire a couple more people over him so that he can't do the job anyway? :slight_smile:

I was going to include a suggestion that Rod Black could have a segment on "what I learned last week" and Burris could have a segment on "who I helped in the year blah, blah, blah"
Then I thought .......maybe this could be a thread on its own.

I agree we need an upgrade at the command centre or at least unbiased people...
I'd like to see the league make an effort to improve officiating in general ..maybe run off season clinics and sessions ..something to make them better and set a standard that they can be measured much like the NFL

The command centre should be scrapped. Let the on-field referees make the decisions after seeing the replays, and show the replays on the big screen.

That's two of us now, Breeze. Let's see if we can start a movement! :smiley: