Command Center and Play Reviews

Was at the Ottawa game Saturday and was talking to someone from the RedBlacks office about the CFL Command Center and the instant replay, and why the league is so awful at getting them right with what we see on the screen and then later online.

I was flabbergasted at the response, that "command center" is NOT ALLOWED to see the plays in "slow motion" and have to watch it solely at real-time speed??

This cant be right ? Can it??

How does this help the league get the calls right?

If that is the case, the league should just scrap video review altogether.

Any given play flagged by the Referee happens in the moment of real time action as it happens. That said, I agree on the command centre not given the opportunity to see it in slow motion.

still haven't answered the question ......... is this correct that they don't use slow motion replays??? :?

I've heard it said by Duane Forde in the play by play booth mentioning about this. Mind you, command centre may slow it down somewhat but not frame by frame. Cheers

I hadn't heard anything like that.

I agree plays that are bang, bang plays should be reviewed at full speed.

But it is surprising to hear that they are mandated not to use frame by frame. I don't see why the league wouldn't share that info. I would be less likely to throw something at the screen, knowing they are viewing at real speed. Although there would probably be enough times I still would throw something.

It would be nice if someone from the league would clarify and their reasoning to do it that way.

That is extremely incorrect. The command centre in fact has a "jog dial" control that lets them replay a scene frame by frame, in slow motion, at normal speed, at 1.5x speed, at 10x speed... you get the idea. They literally can watch a replay at any speed of their choosing.

That said, the point of instant replay isn't to zoom in 100x and find that the ball was 0.01 cm from the yard marker; it's to correct rulings where there is indisputable visual evidence that an incorrect ruling on the field has occurred.

All I can find link to come up with. Thanks sully for your info.

[url=] ... 09-season/[/url]

Who were you talking to in the REDBLACKS office, The Janitor? :?

no idea who he was or what position he has :?

so in the end the league does get to see what we see on the big screen and they still get them wrong

thanks for clarifying this :thup:

The best explanation I've heard about the philosophy of what instant replay should be about. Thanks sully for this clarification.