Coming to Toronto on Nov 12 for a game

My wife and I decided to go to Toronto for the Hamilton game on Nov 12.

We will be flying up to Toronto from Houston.

Can y'all give us suggestions for hotels that are convenient for any Argos experience?

I'm tempted to suggest the 'Loser Hotel' (part of the Maple Leaf chain I think) since that's where Toronto fans feel most at home. Just make sure you're up to speed on vaccination requirements for that date or you might not get past security at BMO Field to see the Argonauts play. November's a way off yet. Let's hope the pandemic's in decline by then. Maybe go to Montreal and watch the Bombers clobber the Alouettes instead. Waaaay more entertainment value for your buck.

Have you been to Toronto or an Argos game previously?

Since their new owners kicked the Argos out of the Skydome, they’re stuck playing in a dinkified little bandbox on the outskirts of the city.

You’ll find the size and amenities of BMO Field to be comparable to your local high school football stadium.

Other than a few mediocre chain restaurants, there’s absolutely NOTHING around the stadium. You’ll definitely want to stay downtown.

There’s an infinite number of hotels in the downtown core to choose from - - I’d recommend the Renascence Hotel aka Skydome Hotel aka Toronto Marriott Citycentre Hotel.

It’s literally steps away from the CN Tower, which would be a must see if you haven’t been before. I’d go one step further and recommend dinner at the CN Tower 360 Restaurant. The food is good and the dining experience is spectacular. Ripley’s Aquarium is also a very short walk and worthwhile to see.

In terms of an “Argos experience” there’s little to nothing of that nature. Especially now that the team has been pushed out of the downtown core to no-man’s-land most people in Toronto won’t even have the slightest clue that there’s a football game happening.

BMO Field is fine. There's nothing wrong it. It's a much better seating sightline than the Skydome's lower bowl that's for sure, and BMO is only like a $15-20 cab ride down the lakeshore depending on traffic.

Don't let Area 51 scare you. He hates everything.


Wrong! there is a hotel on site next to BMO stadium on the CNE grounds, opened last year.
There is an area close to BMO called Liberty Village, it's a short walk plenty of restaurants and bars. Fans will head there before/after a game
Also a short walk to the waterfront from the stadium and the hotel.

Liberty Village a trendy funky area next to the CNE


There’s an idea - - let’s spend a day hanging out on the waterfront in the middle of November.

Don't forget your ice skates you may end up in an ice hockey game.

Seriously, bring warm clothing jacket (parka), boots, mitts and a touque.
I've never been to Toronto in November, but waterfront will be cold (wind-chill)

There is a downtown Raddison that is good BUT there is a new hotel just built near by Hotel X though it is very expensive . Never been but it's close if that's your preference .

Kensington Market , the distillery district , liberty village etc .... are interesting ..... further away but not that far is the Hockey Hall of Fame , CN tower , Ripleys Aquarium ....... .

As far as football promotions not sure what they will put on during this covid Time period .

If this is your first experience for live in person CFL game the atmosphere maybe missing at BMO compared to other teams . Take that into consideration when witnessing the game which may or may not have any weight that time of year depending how the standings play out .

You may come away with a very empty feeling ; as they maybe playing secondary roster by that time of year or you may get lucky with a very important match up at the end .

As others mentioned, Hotel X if you want to be walking distance from the stadium - but then you're far from everything else downtown. But maybe in the COVID era there's not that much open to peruse downtown anyways?

Expect a smaller crowd sure, BUT if you happen to run into the Argoholics you will have a blast. They're great guys, great to hang out at the pub with after the game too.

Something special about Southern Ontario is that many of the diehards from Toronto and Hamilton are friends and tailgate together. Sometimes they even have seasons tickets to each other's games.

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Sit on the west side for a better atmosphere. Though crowds are not big more people sit there plus both benches on this side. Cameras point to the east which makes it look worse on TV.

It's one GO stop away from Union station so hardly considered far away from downtown.

Right now they are selling single game tickets at cheap as $25, the west side upper, the corners of the east side lower and the end zone.

Our seats were around the 45yd line just behind the Argos bench.

Biggest problem with the east side - - particularly during afternoon games in the summer/early fall is that the sun makes it almost unwatchable.

But in the west side the film truck constantly interfering with the field view and that it was difficult to see much of anything happening on the opponents sideline.

I 2knd the motion to check our liberty village for trendy bars and restaurants. It is right across the highway from the stadium BMO Field and walking distance .If you go the other way from the highway you will head towards the water and you can walk along the trendy waterfront around Yonge street .Checking out Queen street west for shopping and bars is cool. Yonge street is our busiest street and from the lake ( checking out the Harbourfront is cool) including Eaton's Center Mall ( Yonge and Dundas Square)
Yonge and Bloor and Bloor street West and trendy Yorkville and Yonge and Eglinton are all worth checking our and can be reached by walking or subways lines of Yonge or Bloor

I am Hamilton Ticats fan so there could be some rowdy blue collar fans making the trek from Hamilton to Toronto. They will be loud and drinking in black and gold.
These 1 teams have one of the oldest rivalries in all of sport so there is no love lost.

There are tons of nice hotels in all the areas I mentioned.

With the re-scheduled Edmonton/Toronto game you can stay around until the 16th watch that game at BMO too