Coming to Regina

Mrs MadJack and I are celebrating our anniversary this year by coming to Regina and attending the season opener at Mosaic on July first.

We arrive on the 30th and are staying until the Saturday. . . so we'd appreciate suggestions on good bars and eateries. . . also Mrs MadJack will want to purchase a Riders' jersey to add to her collection (we'll be Rider fans for the day. . .'when in Rome' and all that), so where's the best place in Regina to get that?

I think they just give you one as soon as you step off the plane, like Hawaii with the lays.

Good bars: Depends on whether you prefer a club-bar, or a pub-bar. My preference is O'Hanlons downtown. It's a pub. But if you go down Dewdney street between Albert street and Broad street you will see a big line of popular bars.

Eateries: Well, we do have franchises like Chili's, Applebee's, and Montana's.. But we also have a few places here that I think are family owned that are great. Chappy's on North Albert is a personal favourite (their pizza is great). If you want something fancy, I recommend the Keg, and Tony Roma's. The Keg has the best steak in the city, although pricey. Another fancy place is Moxie's in the East end. Pricey, again.

And if you would like to get any Rider gear, including jerseys, just go to the Rider Store. There is one in Northgate Mall on Albert Street, and there is another one at Mosaic Stadium outside the.. West entrance I believe. There could be others, but that is all I know of.

Oh I just remembered another place. It's downtown and I believe it is pretty new. It's called The Rooftop Bar and Grill. It's on the corner of Broad street and Victoria ave, I think. It looks really nice.

Go to the Freehouse. It's a restaurant/bar. I recomend the Pulled Pork Sandwich also the Wood Stove Pizza's are delicious.

And definetly go to the Rider store. You will be impressed at all the gear you can get with an /=S=/ on it.

Also make sure you get to the game with plenty of time and go to the Pregame party on the practice field.

I agree with Billy, the Freehouse = excellent and the pregame party is usually pretty fun.

Bushwakker on Dewdney is a very good brewpub and has a good menu.

La Bodega on Albert just a little up from the Freehouse has good food and is open late.

A couple of small little gems at Ngoc Van on 11th at St John, closes early but the best Vietnamese soups and subs in town and very good prices. Another gem is the Afghan place on Albert north across from the Press Box bar in a strip mall that includes the Red Lobster. Nothing fancy in terms of decore but very good food.

If you are looking for fancy, the Fainting Goat on Albert is good and near downtown. Beer Brothers on the Scarth Street mall also is a good place for food and beer.

One place that is not a restaurant, but does sandwiches and has great food items is the Italian Star. Its a great place for the foodie in you and family run with lots of charm. Its on Victoria just east of Broad in an old house.

And if you want to tailgate before the game I have one in my front yard about 4 blocks from the stadium. 1500 block Elphinstone. We usually start 3 hours before the game every game. And everybody is welcome to stop by even other teams' fans.

leeing and rickyg, great to see you guys on this board! Looking forward to continuing to read your posts!

You or any of your buddies speak French, even functional french, or broken french ... maybe after a few beers ...? I'm bringing an Alouettes fan from here in eastern Québec and I don't think he could count to 13 in English (just like our Riders - sorry, it was stronger than me ... if we can't laugh at ourselves ...), so it would be great to give him some Sask hospitality and make him feel a bit at home at the same time :slight_smile:.

That’s wild…we park in that school parking lot by the tennis courts…walk by that house every time. Next time I’ll have to stop in.

I will have to stop by and check it out july 1.

Welcome, crazygreen !! Don't be a stranger and post early and post often :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the suggestions gang!

There's a Japanese restaurant near where we'll be staying, name is Michi, has anyone any opinions on that place? Mrs MadJack and I are sushi addicts. . .

I recommend avoiding the chain restaurants, the food is pretty well the same in those places wherever you go, if you can eat there at home, avoid it :wink:

I'd second Beer Brothers in the Scarth Street mall, fantastic food and they have an awesome selection of local and imported beers.

I love that place!!! Im going there on Monday actually.

I can french kiss? Does that count?

Uh, I don't think my friend is of that "bent", shall we say ... but you're welcome to try your skills on some of the ladies who show up, I guess :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I'll be sure to show up... 8)

You're also more than welcome to stop in for a visit at Wayne's World before and after the game. We're in the back yard at the little grey house on the corner across from the practice field and right outside the main west gates. Promise we'll treat your buddy from Montreal with great respect.