Coming to Regina!

Hey I was offered a couple of tickets to the game. Now if I can find someone to fill in for me at work I will be coming out. Any suggestions? Billy can I stay with you!

I don't live in Regina. But if you want to meet me I will be the one in a Rider jersey

Thanks Billy I will look for you.

Well Turkey it is up to you my friend. Two stamp fans staying for a day would that be to much trouble. I promise I will not paint your house red and white.

Don't do it, Turkey. Once you feed them they'll never leave!

Thats like my friends from Edmonton. Left the food out on the porch you guessed it their there again the next day. My poor dogs go with out food while their here.

Can somebody at least take pictures... PLEASE!

RW2005 mingling with the Rider Nation.


No problem Sporty by half time the rider fans will be very quiet and heck some will even leave by then. Should not be a problem. :lol: :lol: Does Regina have more then one hotel?

Hey turkey I might bring two of my dogs they are :lol: :lol: :lol: red shepards!

Im envious of you RW2005, the atmosphere at that game will be NUTS! I really hope the fans are respectful if your man enough to wear your stamps jersey. For the most part they are through the CFL, but I've heard some horror stories.

Hey why not sure I will wear Nik Lewis's jersey!

BY the way there will be 41 other guys that will be wearing them as well. Did I tell you Lazeo says this is a home play off game for him.

It should be fun I know those Saskatchewan girls love red!

Hey Turkey can you arrange for some Welcome to Regina RW2005 banners!

This thread is starting to become a soliloquy.

Not much of response is there! :lol:

If I was in Regina I'd put you up RW. Where are your tickets?

Man, even when you don't reply to 05 he still trolls... Dedication! :lol:

My friend has them. It appears we have a motor home for the trip. Thanks BigU I knew the good people of Rider Nation would offer.

You will be leaving Regina wearing a Burris s-ucks tee after his performance on the 11th. :rockin: