Coming to Montreal Looking for a Ticket Swap

I am Looking for Two Seats for Hamilton Montreal Game on July 22

In Return I will Give you Two Ticket for Ivor Wynne Stadium in Sec 8 for Friday Night Football Friday Oct 22.

Tickets are 55 Dollars Each if Call The The Ticats for them
I'm Looking for Something around the 45 yardline for the July 22 game

PM me if you like to do a Swap I get July 22 in Montreal you get Oct 22 in Hamilton

I will Bring the tickets with me to Montreal in July

Still looking for a Swap

Interesting idea....but at Molson Stadium I don't think a $55 ticket gets you much past the goal line.

Problem is they don't post Single game Prices on Seats.

I have platinum seats and I pay 70 as a season tix holder, if you buy them from the ALS the same seats are 95$ my tix are on the 55. So I would not exchange, I will buy them when I go to Ivor Wynn.

Well for The Right Deal We add some cash to = it out…

I am looking for Around to 40 Yardline

Between the 40's the price is the same FYI

[u]Seating Chart[/u]

[u]Season Tix Prices[/u] divide regular rate by 10 (1 pre-season + 9 Home game)

For that price…you would get seats for 20-25 yard line approx (gold section)…

The thing he is giving us the price from the ticket office not the season tix price paid. So at face value the gold seats are more than that, it comes to 70$

I spoke To rep at Al's office 90 for Seat on the 45

so I our tickets and 40 Bucks each are about =

Im going to the game but i live in Hamilton, any interest in a ride share if your drivin down?

I've Decided to put the Trip off Till next year