Coming to Edmonton

As many of you know, Mrs MadJack and I have an annual tradition, of celebrating our wedding anniversary by visiting a different CFL city each year and taking in a season opener.

So, this year, we'll be coming to Edmonton to attend the Argos~Eskimos game on Saturday 30 June. In keeping with our annual tradition, we'll buy and be wearing Eskimo gear and will be Eskimo fans for the day (rather easy for me to do, having been born in and grown up in Hamilton, cheering against Toronto is sort of in my blood).

So, looking for some recommendations as to places to stay, places to eat. . .

I'm no expert but here's my 2 cents:
Stay in the west end (west edmonton mall area) the area is packed with hotels, restaurants etc. cashing in on people coming to see the mall. Expedia should show a map and reviews of area hotels.

You can find many pubs that offer tickets and/or shuttle bus to the game. Usually not great seats, but really good deal. You can get seats on (I imagine you knew that though). Do not drive to the game unless you really like paying $10 to park a mile away. :lol:

If you have time Whyte ave. is an interesting area, full of unique stores, bars and restaurants.

I hope this helps.

Having only been to Edmonton once (went to the West Edmonton Mall to buy an Oilers jersey lol), I can't offer much, but I hope you guys have fun. :thup:

For those of you living in Edmonton. . . do you know if the West Edmonton Mall will be open or closed on Sunday July 1st ?

Here is the link above on the hours for stat holidays and such. I believe it to be open though MadJack.

Yes, the mall is open on July 1st. . . makes the Mrs happy anyway. . .

We have our flight and our hotel booked. . . we'll be staying at the Westin.

We arrive on Friday the 29th, can someone recommend where we can purchase some Eskimo gear such as shirts or jerseys before we go to the stadium on the Saturday ?

I don't live in Edmonton Madjack, but the link above shows a few stores and their locations in Edmonton to buy gear. Just trying to help out, thus perhaps some other poster who lives in Edmonton has other ideas.

I imagine there'd be gear at the stadium. There was always a decent amount of merch at IWS when I've gone to Ti-Cats games.

There is an ideal selection at the Stadium store inside Commonwealth en route to the Jackie Parker room. If MadJack goes this route I suggest/advice; come early and enter thru Gate 6 or Gate 2 on the West side of the Stadium, as it doesn't take long for the said store to fill with fans.