Coming out to see the Bombers vs Eskies game

Visiting the inlaws this week and was lucky enough to score some tickets for the game . Wondering what everyone does before kickoff . Any tailgating going on or does the city frown on that sort of thing like they do in Vancouver. I will be having the kids in tow so it must be kid friendly .

Hmmm, going to be tough with a 6:30 Friday night start, most people won't have the time, I'd look for something going on at the stadium prior to game time, might have something for the kids.

We might just try and get dinner somewhere then hangout at polo park mall would be nice to hook up with the Bomber faithful. or take a look around Canad Inns stadium.

...yep....get your last look in oilerrocker...the old girl is coming down next year....the stadium that 'Jack Built"...Will be kinda sad for ol fans like me :frowning: ...BUT on the other hand the new place will be great :thup:

So, how was your trip, other than the disappointment of the game, did you enjoy the rest???

Great trip! had a heck of a time. the Bomber faithful were in full swing and giving it to me when they could, but all in fun they even wanted to take my picture with them. the stadium reminded me of old Clarke stadium. didn't get to much rest also took in a Goldeye game, nice little ball park did some dirt biking, BBQing, beer drinking, drove down to grand forks.
Thanks to all at the game who made our experience AWESOME!