Coming in Late!

I just finally had a chance to watch this past Friday's game against Edmonton, so I am late to all the postings. However, knowing the score and the result of the Ottawa game, I was perhaps a bit (okay, a lot) less emotional than I would have been last Friday at the game.

You know, IMO, the Cats really did not play terribly badly. A couple of breaks here and there, and I think, they could have won that game. The boondoogle with the short kick-off was a total screw up and shows the incompetence of the CFL officials and especially the replay official, but we all know that anyway. Might have been too little, too late even if the correct calls were made.

It is heart-breaking, just heart-breaking, to see Andy go down, but I don't think they threw anything his way up until then anyway. Elliot looked good, Toliver looked great, and Gable finally got some touches on runs, screens and check-downs. I think we can beat this team. Plus, they have to start the game at breakfast time in Edmonton, which has to be in our favour?? I think we stand a better chance against Edmonton than Winnipeg, if for that reason alone. And we have beaten them earlier, and only missed by three on Friday. Well. four.

We now basically have two weeks to get our act together. Montreal is just a warm up, and the result of that game is meaningless. Have to get through it with no injuries, and perhaps a chance for the back-ups and for Zach to get a few more reps. Plus I'd love to see us put the screws to Popp, but I digress.

I thought Vaughn looked good against EE, he has gone from a sure thing for opposition receivers to about 50/50, sounds small, but is a world of improvement. Steinauer is starting to use the D line for some blitz packages, and using 4 man pressure. Real defence instead of the clever, "nothing up my sleeve" push over stuff. Over-all, I thought the defence showed a dramatic improvement and, to mock the THF Stadium panel, I'd give them a B- up from a D-.

I actually feel pretty good about our chances for the ESF. Not saying that we are a good chance to advance to the EF, but at least now I think we do have a chance. Worth going to the ESF game, for sure, even if you decide to skip the Montreal game. By the way, on TV, the stadium looked empty. Did most fans come dressed as grey-toned empty seats for Halloween?? Brutal visual image on the tube, just b - root - taal! Come on Ti-Cats fans, put some bums in those seats.