Coming in from Winnipeg for my first labour day classic!

What should I expect?

Also can anybody there recommend good hotels in or around the Regina area? Thanks a bunch! See you on Labour day!

A thorough beating of your team. Other than that I can't guarantee much.

As well, I've always good times at the Ramada. . . of course I haven't stayed there in a long time, so I'm not even sure it exists anymore. . .

best western 7 oaks on albert st is pretty good.

The Inntowner or the Empire are excellant choices :wink: :thup:

Not sure if you are looking for any night life, but if so, the Delta or Ramada. Walking distance to the field, walking distance to the Casino and warehouse district which has a few bars. Close to good restaurants, and pubs, and a very short cab ride to the Pump, who always throughs on a Labour day classic party.

As is that $35 place on Vic east.......

Im pretty sure they have that Labour Day party at the exhibition grounds put on by the pump. Not to sure though, one year it was there and the other it was at the pump.