Coming Home - Ti-Cat entrance music for pre-season game

One of my favourite songs right now ...

The best song for a ring entrance ever! Used by our very own (sponsored) UFC figher Mark "The Machine" Hominick's entrance to his fight at UFC 129 in Toronto.

Here's the original video by Dirty Money ft. Skylar Grey

I LOVED it when the Cats came out to it .. got chills!

Obviously management thought of the link to Mark's entrance, and made a great move using that same tune.

I've got a few questions:

  1. Will "Coming Home" be used all year, or just for game #1? ... please let us see it again on Tigervision!
  2. Will we see it with a montage for when Hominick comes to Ivor Wynne at the mixed martial arts night?
  3. Can you post the entrance video on ... please!!


Works for me. I'm not much into anything with rap although liked Eminem from time to time. But yea, excellent song.

This song was made for opening day in any sport

Absolutely loved the Blue Jays commercial that used this song

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Really didn't like this for the player intro's, would've been %100 perfect for the intro video only though.Do what they did before I say.Play 1 song for the intro vid, then alternate between the classics like Eminem - Lose yourself, Acdc - back in black, Kanye West - Stronger, etc.Coming home is more of a slow, emotional song than a hard pump up song IMO.

Interesting suggestions.
But what would get "most" of the fans into it as well as the players. I wonder.
This year we need to go the distance....and a reminder to many that we have some unfinished business.
Perhaps this every game as the intro until..... ... re=related

I agree, anything rocky. Going the distance is great, eye of the tiger, there are several that fit for sporting events..


Rocky song is too slow IMO
I'm a big fan of Virginia Tech's "Enter Sandman" entrance, this song always pumps me up
(warning, video includes RABID football fans mixed with alcohol)

Not going to lie though, I still absolutely love "Hells Bells", just seems to fit our squad well

If this is the tune you're going to use, might as well amp it up by adding Big and Puff vocals: ... re=related

There is an actual video for this song, but it's the typical 10-minute Puff Daddy lets-make-the-video-look-like-a-movie videos. Now, you'd have to edit it.

I knew they'd use "Coming Home" for something -- that song has been EVERYWHERE the past six months -- but I didn't think it would be for team's entrance.

I loved when they used "Lose Yourself" last year for the playoff game. That song does get a guy pretty amped.

EDIT: Or "Welcome to the Jungle." That song could make a deaf person rock out.

EDIT #2: I've also always been a fan of "Come With Me" by Puff Daddy. But I think the Argos use that one. Stupid Toronto! Ruining everything, as always.

My thoughts are that we havent' done much lately. No league or division titles. We could have if we had a few certain breaks here and there. But, we didn't and don't.
Why do we need to start the season all gangbuster like with certain songs. We've done that, just to let everyone down at the end of the season. We got's lot's to prove this year.
I say pump of the volume of ACDC, Eye of the TIger, Eminem, that stupid Blue Jays song etc.....about mid season when we've accomplished something. We've got a lot to accomplish this year! Let's be humble and focus on what's really at hand here. The fans will understand it and so to should the players. ... re=related
I can envision the other team coming out to pumped up hype musak. Then your Hamilton Tiger-Cats running onto the field of Ivor Wynned stadium to this music.

The fans have alot of work to do as well.Last week was absolutely pathetic for crowd noise.At one point I even got told to shut up for yelling LET'S GO DEFENSE!!! I mean what the hell?Not to mention while on defence my friend and I could have a perfect conversation without raising our voices.I hope this is not a sign of things to come or the team will lose hope and energy.The fans are a huge part of being successful, get out there and make some noise this week guys!

To be fair, I think a lot of the quietness had to do with it being a preseason game. Normally I am fairly loud, but I didn't do much yelling and screaming. I doubt the crowds will be as passive on Canada Day.

I agree, I chalked it up to all those free tickets given away.Nonetheless, it worried me to see the players waving their arms up on D and crickets sounding in the background.They must’ve been like “wait, is this game today or tomorrow?”
Sad, even for a pre-season game.


If it is that quiet on Canada Day, then I'll be worried. I think people just had a hard time getting into it, especially when the Cats started to pound Montreal into the ground.

Glad I could be of service. :smiley:

Not the biggest fan of Coming Home.
I wanna see them come out to Black and Yellow

The cat's entered to Airborne's "steel town" for nearly every game except labour day and the EDF