coming from a NFL fan

I am from Atlanta,Georgia and obviously I am a NFL fan. I travel to Toronto about twice a year and i dont see how you guys like canadian football. The rules are strange and the players are nothing but nfl rejects. It looks like ncaa college teams can beat you cfl teams. ive tried to watch agme btu i just cant get into it. what makes this so much better than american football?

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Alll right this guy is testing my nerves.
Talk smack.Talk about how other teams suck.
However the only thing fans on this site and I agree on one thing.CFL IS THE BEST.
I’m trying to be nice on this site.So american if you don’t like it.Just go to
Thanks and GOD BLESS!!!

........perhaps I misread the air of snobbery in his writing.......seriously, do you really want to know why we find our version of the game superior to yours, or are you just here to make yourself look arogant?.........

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God made him see the light!!!
God Bless everyone!!!

I wasnt trying to be punctual, I just wanted to know why u guys think cfl is more exciting

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I wonder how many Canadian players in the CFL are NFL rejects... most of the Americans that come here play for one reason-- for the love of the game. They dont make the millions that NFL players do, and if they want to play it is for far less. I believe the bigger field and 3 downs make for more exciting football, and he should actually try to watch a few CFL games before he comes on here and makes a statement like that

Yah Like did you watch the GC? That was like one of the most exciting games ever. The reason i like it better then NFL is becuase most players dont care about the money or being in magazines or anything they just wanna play the game. The NFL is full of Pozers. And The CFL is much more exciting becuase it has 3 downs and a bigger field. And The CFL is Like The NFL's Dad or mother The CFL has been on for close to a hundred years. The NFL has been on for like 40 years.

.........he did say he watched some games.........maybe they were bad ones......falcsfan, there are many reasons that we believe in our league.......tough to name them all here.......true the NFL attracts the better players, no doubt about that....but there are some things that make our version more exciting........20 second game clock vs 40 second makes the game run faster.......three down instead of four mean more passing, which you should agree is more exciting than your vanilla running game.......our QBs need to typically be more agile as that three down play means he will be scrambling more often than not........a little thing called the rouge (more explanation required if your interested), things like that.........sorry if we are taking your initial curiosity as arrogance, it did sort of read that way.......

Excellent explanation R&W.

well RW he must have watched an Argos-Bombers game..... or a Renegades-Bomber game......

Hey, you! NFL idoit

come down to millegeville sometime and I TELL you why the CFL is better, mate!!!

you bring shame to Georgia by coming on here and telling us this crap.

To add to what R&W stated:

-20 second game clock- which means game is faster, there are more plays in the game, and teams can come back from larger deficits than the NFL.

-3 down football which means more passing

-the field is bigger, which makes for a more wide open game that can be quite exciting

-missed field goal returns - Nathan Vasher had one last year in the NFL and it was played over and over again on highlight reals. Imagine seeing that play every few weeks. It's quite exciting.

-The game isn't over with 2 minutes left. Because it is only 3 down football the defence can still stop a team under 2 minutes and give their offence a chance to score.

I agree NFL has the better players but it's the rules that make our game what it is. I watch both leagues and find both exciting. To me it's all football.

Really why do we post replys to these people they have their opinions! Really it merits nothing in return! Amercians are boring they love that boring style of football. Thats okay! Just maybe if he watched more CFL then he would see why everyone likes the CFL. Remember Amercians grow up watching the NFL. Canadians grow up watching both the NFL and CFl. So really who would be better at judging the style of game!

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