Coming Back - From The NFL 2021?

This is an annual thread of sorts, so I will start for 2021 given that 31 August is final cut day in the NFL.

I read that Brett Maher was cut after two seasons in Dallas with 2018 as his only good one. As a kicker, I reckon there's plenty of shopping to do in the NFL in this rest of the preseason, but will he come back?

Derrick Moncrief - interesting tour of workouts and duty with the Rams in the NFL after one fine season in Saskatchewan - I'm going to guess he comes back too though maybe not until next year:

Is it going to be hard for players to come back this season unless they are Canadian?

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Well in addition to Maher, Hajrullahu was also cut by them. Bring them both back?

And so who else is looming out there whom you see?

I think they'd just have to quarantine once they entered Canada.

They’ll do everything they can to just get on a practice roster somewhere before they look at returning to the CFL.

I don't know. Hajrullahu didn't have a great 2019 compared to the rest of the kickers that year and who knows if there's room for Maher either. I guess there's probably still a place for them, but with kickers like Paredes, Whyte, Lauther, and Ward who are basically automatic at this point, there is very little room these days for kickers who are sub par, or even just par with the exception of Bede cause he's a really good punter and can make exceptionally long field goals as well.

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Duke Williams cut by the Bills!!
A guy that led the CFL in 2018 in receiving catches and yardage plus 11 TDs

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Haralahu hit a 57 yarder in the Spring League.

News: 1 day agoWilliams (hamstring) has cleared waivers and reverted to injured reserve, Sal Capaccio of WGR Sports Radio 550 Buffalo reports.

Spin: Williams didn't have much of a role for the team last year with just four offensive snaps in the regular season, and he'll now spend the 2021 campaign on the shelf unless he works out an injury settlement with the team.

as a Bills fan, I was hoping it would go well. Hope his "injury" is nothing serious.

He looked like the best receiver in the one pre-season game I saw

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Here's the cuts tracker to follow after the awful games this weekend. Final cuts are due by 31 August.

Luke Wilson decided to retire after only one day in Seattle. I have to wonder, given his statements and health reasons cited from the off-season, why he even bothered to go at all.

Some players of interest waived today for final NFL cuts:

WR Marken Michel
WR Reggie Begelton
LB James Vaughters
QB Brett Rypien
LB Nate Holley

duke williams ?

Yes, but he was waived last week, and there are no doubt a few others.

He looked pretty good in pre-season but it goes to show how loaded the Bills are. They have 3 starting WRs and 6 backup WRs and they release Duke Williams.

Dionte Spencer - top receiver in the CFL a few years ago. Now a punt returner for the Broncos, 16 punt returns in 2020 and one reception for 10 yards.

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I did not see these before: may have missed

Dakota Shepley, Winston Rose, Antony Auclair

Shepley picked up by the Seahawks, Auclair signed by Houston and on the practice roster and Rose on the Benglas practice roster

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Now I have to wonder, given also the required quarantine, just how many former CFL players will be coming back.

And it would not surprise me if the number is zero.

Well the news on Moncrief is well out, but is anybody else coming back this season? I have not kept up in the last few days.

I think that they will hang around waiting for an NFL last chance, but with only 10 games left plus the quarantine etc I don't think any coming back this year