Comin from Muskoka

Just purchased a couple of tickets in Box J for the game on Sunday. Lookin so forward to it. It will be the fourth game my wife and i have attended this year. I would hope that if i lived in Hamilton still (not for over 30 yrs) i wouldnt just shrug it off and say its on tv so i will stay home. My daughter who got married in August had her bachorlorette party at the Edmonton game on August 8 and they had a great time even though it poured!! We won!! My point is people, it is time to get out and really support the team live in person if you haven't done so all year. It is going to be a party no matter the outcome. So lets give Bob a sellout. And then we can get comfy on our couches and watch our TiCats play the next two games on TSN!

Muskoka, wow that is dedication.
Doc 8)

Right on Muskoka man...

I'm drivin' 2 hours each way for this game too... You'd better bust both my legs if you want me to miss this one!!

C'mon native Hammertonians!! Jam Ivor Wynn!! It'll be the best money spent since 2001!!

CAN'T WAIT :thup:

I drove to kingston to watch Mac play! Mybuddy is ont he O line! I do hope he plays for the cats

I'll be pulling on to the 400 at Duckworth in Barrie at about 9AM on Sunday. Maybe I'll see you on the way down :rockin:

The hubby and I have season's and make the trip for every home game from Sudbury. Wouldn't miss it for the world.
See everyone on Sunday.
Go Cats, Go!

Will you and your husband be coming to Scott Park for the tailgate? If so, look for the CFL Fans Fight Cancer banner, Tigger and the group will be there.

It depends on how early a start we get. If we're early enough, we'll swing by.

Maybe we will see each other at the service centre on the 400 on the way back. I will be the one in the ticat jersey in line for Tim hortons!!

We drive 2 plus hours for every game. The tailgate at Scott Park is a MUST! See you there. :thup:

You’re a great fan my friend! Can you swing by my place in Vancouver and pick me up? haha

I used to live in the arctic and I still kept my season tickets,although I could only go to about 4 games a year when I was down here on vacation.
I would always book my vaction around the season opener,does this count as dedication?lol